September 02, 2010

Support our products in Community Choice Awards

Two community choice awards votings are taking place now. These are: 

1. "2010 SQL Server Magazine Community Choice Awards" 
Our great reporting product- “Fast Report .Net"- is taking part in this voting .It is in the second category called “Best Business Intelligence & Reporting Product”. This is our great chance to vote for our product, let others what it can do and promote it in different communities. 
And to add to that, are you impressed with our tech support team?  Then you have a chance to vote for our own team in the ninth category called “Best vendor tech support”. And what can be the best way to encourage our team than to vote for it? 

2. "2010 DevProConnections Community Choice Awards".
Our impressive and effective data analysis tool –FastCube- is taking part in the second category “Charting & Graphics Tool”,
The best way to tell others that there is a better way to analyze their data is by voting for our product. And this will do us all pride that once again, we are together supporting our team and making others aware of better ways to handle and report their data.

Thanks for your support!