March 05, 2024

Report generator based on Avalonia UI: FastReport Avalonia

FastReport Avalonia

This spring we will release a powerful library with a single user interface that allows you to embed the report generator in Linux, macOS and Windows applications using Avalonia UI.

Avalonia UI is a .NET-based framework actively used for developing cross-platform user interfaces. With a universal API for building applications, Avalonia supports all major platforms and runtimes and has its own unique interface. Thus, your business solutions will look identical on each operating system.

FastReport Avalonia includes a powerful data processing core, a familiar report designer and a viewer for ready-made reports. Also in the new product, all formats for exporting the generated report are available - PDF, Excel, MS Word and many others.

The library is fully backward compatible with FastReport WPF, FastReport .NET, FastReport Mono. It supports Avalonia UI, .NET 7 and .NET 8.

And even before the official release, we invite you to try its features in a free demo!

Learn more about FastReport Avalonia and try the free demo now.

Download demo for Windows

Download demo for Linux

Download demo for macOS