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How to send a report to Email from a database in .Net Core application

8 mars 2019

Auteur - Dmitriy Fedyashov

We have already discussed how to send a report to a group of emails from the database. In this article we will do the same, but for a web application on the .Net Core MVC platform. Let me remind you that our task is to get a list of email addresses and user names from a certain database and, send em...

How to use Online Designer in ASP .Net Core

17 janvier 2018

Auteur - Dmitriy Fedyashov

One of the novelties by FastReport .Net 2018 was the adaptation of OnlineDesigner to the .Net Core framework. In general, the online designer has not changed. Today we will consider some of the features of its use in the ASP.Net Core project. As you remember, you first need to build OnlineDesigner...