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Paul CaplanFastReport .NET

It takes great intelligence to build a magnificent product like Fast Reports. It is simple, easy and to the point. Well done!!

Douglas RuddFastReport FMX

Folks, I have this FastReport FMX now and it's pretty impressive. The Report Designer must be the most complex Firemonkey program/component made so far. (even though it doesn't have all the stuff the VCL version has yet)

It's a good sign that more powerful FM components are coming out. If it is able to get going, there is no other product out there like Firemonkey that will be able to one-button cross compile to native code for Windows, OSX, IOS, Android.

I know people have been asking for a highlighting or RTF memo component. This FastReport also includes the FastScript components for making your own scripting engine. One of the components is a Color syntax highlighting memo. It's not RTF but it is real color syntax highlighting for six languages.

Andre MesquitaFastScript

FastScript is wonderfull! I like this scripting tool!

Balbir SinghFastReport® for COM/ActiveX

Very Nice, Great Product. Easy to learn in few hours. Generate highly professional reports with all the flexibility you need or whatever you can immagine. Also to consider that very light weight. I am feeling lucky since i come to know and started using Fast Reports Studio. Cheers...

Peter AgricolaFastReport VCL 5

In the Delphi world ReportBuilder is *very* popular but these components don't work with BCB. I evaluating Fast-Report ( )at the moment and it looks a great tool to me. I used to work with Crystal Reports (wich has also VCL components but I never used these because the application was developed in Visual Fox Pro (Ughh)). CR is also a great report writer but FR is much more intuitive.

MarceloFastReport VCL 5

FastReport for sure people, until today, there was absolutely nothing i could not do using FastReport. very flexible, very fast also.. and a great, and dynamic support if you need it.

Pierre DemersFastReport VCL 5

From my part, I tested RB and FR, a couple years back and I chose FR. Never regret one bit, same as you. It wasn't a priced decision. I found FR to be much faster at the time. Now, i don't really know how well RB as developped since. Neither have I seen a report for my applications I could not do. I was just wondering if you tested FR, that's all...

Theo PistoriusFastReport VCL 5

fast-report is the best thing since delphi. Never mind the "voting as best reporter" part, a test drive should convince all.

Damian MarquezFastReport VCL 5

I've been using the FastReport trial and I must say that this is a great piece of software!

The scripting stuff is perfect and so easy I got it working without even looking at the manual.

Performance is outstanding (the name is well deserved) and the price (all included, scripting and designer distribution) is unbeatable.

I still think that ReporBuilder is wonderful & powerful (I would still go for it for building a report server for example) but Price + Performance + Features (designer, specially scripting, the dbgrid printing...) makes FR a great choice for those who cannot afford to buy ReportBuilder Pro (has the designer stuff) or Enterprise (scripting).

Wolfgang Lemcke, Gymnasium Winsen/Luhe - near HamburgFastReport VCL 5

- fitting reports in given programs: with a little previous knowledge it is not difficult making changes in reports - creating own reports in own programs: The examples given with the fastreport program make it also for amateurs easy to create own reports, so that success will come very soon. You can nearly copy them and you will understand their principals in working soon. That was my experience, although I am only an amateur in programming.

Bernard CincouFastReport VCL 5

I am in software development for more than twenty years already, I can tell you I'd never seen a software well conceived and thought like FR. I can confirm that they thought of everything, very intuitive and incredibly well integrated into DELPHI. Bravo to the entire team A +.

Antti Kurenniemi / Blue Rose SoftwareFastReport VCL 5

FastReport is a very good reporting solution, covering our needs from the simplest "print a list" to complex, multiple sub-report containing solutions. The quality of the components is just great and we also appreciate the support which is simply excellent.

For the price, to get things like PDF export, run-time report designer, bar code printing and a thousand other things, it can't be beat.

Previously we used Rave, but had to look for alternatives because of constant bugs and poor support. After we finally switched to FastReport, all of our reporting problems were a thing in the past. We couldn't be happier.

Paul DolandFastReport VCL 5

At $75 for your basic VCL product, it can't be beat. It met all my requirements for my current project, and the price is virtually free.

Richard KirkFastReport VCL 5

Have used Nevrona Designs for years - then they brought out RAVE - still not user-friendly. Fastreport works, and works well! Easy to use and can still build in intelligence if you need. Just got to get the email thing working and I'll be VERY happy!

Kurt JeggeFastReport VCL 5

Congratulation to your great product. It is in our opinion by far suprior than those of your competitors. With best regards Kurt Jegge

James D (Jim) DuffFastReport VCL 5

I have been using another report writer for some time now, but have become less than satisfied with their performance and support in recent years. There have been many good write-ups about Fast Reports recently, one being in the Blaise Pascal Magazine, so I thought I'd give it a try. The only thing I don't like is that you must enter and exit from Fast Reports, rather than have a separate instance running so you can flip between FR and Delphi. I'm most impressed by the ease of use and the excellent alignment functions. It's still early days, but I'm very happy so far. JDD

Ingo BindbeutelFastReport VCL 5

I have chosen the FastReport, because I'm impressed by the functionality and the IDE, where I can build reports in. I used RaveReports but it is not possible to have an enduser designer for a good price and the homepage of them is unreachable for upgrade. I am disappointed from Nevrona. As far as I tested FastReports it is productive, fast and has very much features as scripting, design etc. In my opinion one of the best reportingtools you can have for a very good price! The other companies have to do very much to get, where FastReports stands today! Very much greetings from Germany!

Emiro Quinayas CabreraFastReport VCL 5

El producto es excelente el servicio de soporte muy bueno gracias

Davi MillerFastReport VCL 5

Fantastic, fast and easy to use what more could anyone ask for. Used rave before, switched because of very poor support...none. Fast reports is a great product and i'm very impressed. Used the Forum, my question was answered straight away, very wellsupported Thanks to the team.

RogerFastReport VCL 5

I downloaded FastReport this weekend and within an hour I had my first reports "translated" from Rave Reports. Intuitive and easy to figure out how to do stuff, even though it's done in a different manner than I'm used to. Great. We considered going from Rave to Crystal, but Crystal doesn't have that tight integration to Delphi RAD Studio that we are using, so the choice were simple.