I using fast report 4.9.51 and an epson TM-T88IV printer

At the end of report, the printer must cut paper (no problem do it fine) and open cash drawer.
for this purpose I
1. add a new memo at the end of the report in a ReportSummary band
2. write an "A" in the memo (this is a epson control char code that open cash drawer)
2. Set font name to "control" for this memo

When I print the report, the cash drawer opens well, but fast reports try to open it serveral times.
(I think FR sends several times the code for open cash drawer ¿why? ).
¿FR in first time open cash drawer and then begin to print report?
if I delete the memo that contains "A" the report works very well and fast.

If I try with wordpad, create a new document write an "A", set font to control and print by it works well, the cash drawer is opened only one time