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Full Version: Cash Flow
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I need to make a Cash Flow report with CrossTab. There is no problem on making the Tables (i think)... I'll place two Tabs: one for Credit and one for Debit. However, I need a line after the second Tab, that should contain the balance of the day.

Any ideas about how to do it?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.
I can attach an excel sample of what I'm needing on the binaries newsgroup if it necessary.

QUOTE (Edited)
Well... actually I can't. I'm having trouble with accessing the newsgroup.

Best Regards.
The easiest way to do what I *think* you want to do is to put a summary footer below the CrossTab object & then put a SUM field in the summary footer to show what you want.

However, note that the CrossTab can be made to show summaries itself ... so if you structure it right all the data ought to be right there without further addition, it might just need a bit of thinking about structuring the data that goes into the CrossTab to ensure you have the right columns to enable useful grouping of the data.

Thanks for your help.

However, my CrossTab already does display a "summary" for the tab itself, that contains the sum of every column.

What I'm needing is to subtract the sum of the columns on the CrossTab1 from the respective columns in the CrossTab2 (they will have the same "structure"). So that I get the balance for this column on a new summary row.

Anyway, I'm not sure if the CrossTab is the best bet for what I'm trying to do. It has a slow performance and doesn't display the columns in the correct order. It depends upon the order of the table, I think.

Bets Regards
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