Question: Types of licensing


Our products have three types of licensing:

Single License allows 1 work place and 1 developer.

 Team License allows 4 work places. It includes a build server license.

 Site License allows an unlimited number of work places registered on one geographical address. It includes a build server license.

 It's time to take a look at some examples. Let's suppose you have 1 or 2 developers in your company. It is therefore more reasonable 1 or 2 Single licenses. Another case is when you have 3 or 4 developers in your company staff; in this case, of course, the best option is a Team license. It is a bigger deal for 4 work places because of being of the same price as 3 Single licenses cost.

Next up goes Site license. It covers 1 geographical address. If you have several developing centers in different parts of a town/city/country, then it's more appropriate to find out the exact number of work places in each of them and calculate how many Team licenses you need in each case. However, if the number of developing centers exceeds 16 work places, it's more appropriate to purchase one Site license for each developing centre.


Another special feature of licensing is that you can prolong FastReport.Net updating (subscription) for 1 year. You pay for it every year from the date of purchase. During the paid year, the user can update their FastReport.Net for free. Upon the expiration date of your FastReport.Net subscription, you won't be able to update it.