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Installation of FastRerport VCL 5 Demo

Dmitriy Fedyashov

To install FastReport 5 Demo, you must first download the installation file from developer's site. Run it.

1) In the first window of the installer, we are asked to select the language of installed components. Choose English language and click "Next" button.


2) The next screen is informative - a warning about copyright and recommendations before installation. After reading press the "Next" button.


3) Next, we are invited to read the license agreement. If you agree, put the appropriate checkbox at the bottom of the window. Otherwise, the installation will be terminated.


"Next" button will be available after turning checkbox. Push it and move on to the next window.


4) The following form provides information about product features. Click "Next" button.


5) In the next step we set the installation directory. Click "Next".


6) Select the group to place shortcuts in the menu "Programs".

7) The window signals the beginning of the installation. Click "Next".

8) Next, we observe the installation proccess.

9) When installation is complete, a window with two flags will be shown. We can view the file with a list of changes in the current version and the file with description of FastReport 5. Click the "Finish" button.

The installation is completed.

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