Working with the TfrxReport component
Loading and saving a report
Designing a report
Running a report
Previewing a report
Printing a report
Loading and saving a finished report
Exporting a report
Creating a custom preview window
Building a composite report (batch printing)
Numbering of pages in a composite report
Combining pages into a composite report
Interactive reports
Accessing report objects from code
Creating a report form from code
Creating a dialogue form from code
Modifying a report page’s properties
Constructing a report with the help of code
Printing an array
Printing a TStringList
Printing a file
Printing a TStringGrid
Printing a TTable or TQuery
Report inheritance
Report caching
MDI architecture
Working with a list of variables
Creating a list of variables
Clearing a list of variables
Adding a category
Adding a variable
Deleting a variable
Deleting a category
Modifying a variable’s value
Script variables
Passing a variable value in TfrxReport.OnGetValue
Working with styles
Creation of style sets
Modifying/adding/deleting a style
Saving/restoring a set of styles
Clearing report styles
Creating a style library
Displaying a list of style sets, and application of a selected style
Modifying/adding/deleting a styles set
Saving and loading a style library

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