16. Mai 2005

Join testing FastReport Studio!

Access to the following objects of the report generator - TfrxReport, TfrxUserDataSet, TfrxADODatabase, TfrxADOTable and TfrxADOQuery is given for programmer. 
The following components included into a demo package:
1. Library frxCOM.dll, including COM a server and TypeLibrary.
2. Demo database in format Microsoft Access
3. Demo reports in format FastReport 3
4. Demo examples of use FastReport COM server for the following languages and environments:
4.1 Visual C++ Demo
4.2 Visual C#. NET Demo
4.3 Visual Basic.NET Demo
4.4 Visual FoxPRO Demo
4.5 Microsoft Access Demo
4.6 Microsoft Excel Demo
5. Report designer.

All demo programs delivered with sources.
Changes in FastReport Studio Beta 2
+ FastReport Studio based on FastReport 3.12
+ Demo programs for Visual FoxPro, MicrosoftAccess and Microsoft Excel added
+ Report designer
+ COM objects for technology ADO added
+ Resources for multilanguage support added
- Interface IStrings excluded from TypeLibrary.
+ The opportunity of access to internal objects FastReport for which are determined COM interfaces has appeared.
+ New opportunities in Visaul C ++ Demo - ScriptText browser, ReportStructure browser are added.
+ Correct display of the reports based on UserData in demo programs on Visual C # is made. NET and Visual Basic.NET
+ The algorithm of registration of events in demo programs on Visual C # is changed. NET and Visual Basic.NET
+ The interface for TfrxComponent is added.
+ Methods for dynamic attachment of the objects based on class TfrxDataSet to object TfrxReport are added.
- Set of fine bugfixes.

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