21. Oktober 2013

Tabs in WebReport

New article about WebReport tell you how you can use tabs to view multiple reports in WebReport  in version FastReport.NET 2013.4 and newer.

Tabs can be useful for viewing many reports with additional information. Each report in tab has own navigation and may be attached to any data source. Saving in different formats is performed for each tab. We have plans to implement FastReport.NET for open the detailed report in a separate tab by clicking on the object page. Also we will add the ability to close unnecessary tabs. Read more...


This example presents you way to using FastReport.Net for develop Wep Reporting on MVC. Try to work demo page with prepared Web Reports online:

https://fast-report.com:2013 - Online demo of report is available also for iOS and Android devices. 

https://fast-report.com:2013/razor - Online demo of MVC3 technology. 

Web Reports is available in Win+Web Forms and Professional Edition.


Articles about FastReport.Net MVC and Web Reporting: FastReport .Net 2013.2 MVC;  Create a PDF file on button press in browser;  FastReport .Net and jQuery;  FastReport.Net on mobile devices.