27. März 2017

FastReport 5.6 mit der Unterstützung Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo ist schon hier.

Mit der Unterstützung von neuer Entwicklungsfläche enthält neue Version ein Paar neuen Möglichkeiten und mehrere Berichtigungen.

Wir verbessern FastReport 5 weiter nicht nur für Delphi, sondern auch für Lazarus. In aktueller Version ist es jetzt möglich, die Anwendungen mit der Verwendung von GTK Widget für Lazarus zu kompilieren.

+ Added Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo support for x32 and x64 windows platforms
+ Added Sup, Sub tag support for TfrxHTMLExport
+ Added TfrxPDFExport.SaveOriginalImages property. True by default
+ Added GS1 support for Code128C, EAN128C barcodes
+ Added sorting of printers by name in the printer's list
+ Added Norwegian resources
+ Added TfrxFDTable support in the frxFDRTTI
+ Added #0..#31 chars support in the Code128A
+ Added TfrxBarcodeView.TestLine property
+ Added TfrxRichEditor form state storing
+ [Lazarus] Added support of GTK widget
- Fixed frx2xto30.pas for XE2 and later
- Increased PaperSizes count limit to 512
- [Lazarus] Fixed scrolling in designer
- Fixed smMaxHeight in TfrxRichView
- Fixed TfrxXLSXExport for file with 1000 worksheets
- Fixed TfrxPreviewPages.ClearPageCache
- Fixed TfrxIBXQuery.ExecSQL
- Fixed new event insert if main procedure of the script have line with "// begin"
- Fixed component's name after Drag&Drop from Data Tree for fields with Unicode characters
- Fixed TfrxBarcodeView baCenter, baRight align
- Fixed reprint on new page and group keeping bug
- Fixed update parameters after loading for TfrxADOQuery
- Fixed preview's toolbar for RAD Studio Berlin 10.1 Update 2 when VCL styles applied
- Fixed TfrxReport.PrintOptions.Duplex usage
- Fixed printing of PNG images
- Fixed TfrxReport.ReportOptions.Author in the DOCX, PPTX and XLSX exports
- Fixed vsExport usage for export filters
- Fixed export of non-alphanumeric chars (<, >, &) inside HTMLTags in the ODF export
- [FastScript] Fixed Format function
- Fixed HTMLTags in the TfrxMemoView
- Fixed calculation of hyperlink expressions
- Fixed image size in the DOCX export
- Fixed MSI barcode
- Fixed exporting of objects' hyperlinks to encrypted PDF
- Fixed export to continuous XLSX for reports with many pictures
- Fixed export of frames with width < 1 to HTML
- Fixed export of empty pages to XLSX
- Fixed band's with barcodes stretching
- Fixed KeepChild behavior for TfrxReportTitle child bands
- Fixed custom number format in the ODF export
- [Lazarus] Fixed printer selection in the print dialog
- Fixed export of hyperlinks with hkPageNumber kind when page number greater than pages count
- Fixed component's name after Drag&Drop from Data Tree for some cases
- Fixed "Divizion by zero" error with pmSplit print mode
- Fixed PrintOnSheeet in the Print Dialog for some cases
- [Lazarus] Fixed default printer in the print dialog
- Fixed export images to BIFF8 for x64
- [Lazarus] Fixed printer selection before print properties dialog
- Fixed RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin size of dialog page issue in the designer
- Fixed exporting of numbers with '%' in the format string (like #,##0.###%) in the BIFF8 export
- [Enterprise] Fixed "Report not found" error message
- Fixed "Print to file" option for GDI reports
- Fixed export to PDF with embedded fonts and empty memos
- Fixed export to PDF for HAlign = haBlock (GapX used now)
- Fixed font's embedding for protected PDF if EmbedFontsIfProtected = False and EmbeddedFonts = True
- Fixed exporting of TfrxShapeView to XLSX and DOCX exports
- Fixed exporting of Unicode characters in the memos with HTML tags to DOCX for non-Unicode IDE
- Fixed TfrxPreviewButtons in the frxClassRTTI
- Fixed parent for objects for some cases
- Fixed font's name in the ODF export