27. April 2016

Neue Version FastReport VCL 5

In der neuen Version von FastReport VCL 5.5 unterstützen wir neue Entwicklungsumgebung Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin. Außerdem, gibt es viele Features und Neuerungen in neuer Version für Lazarus. Dazu gehören Unterstützung von inneren Diagrammen (Charts), Export in PDF und einige Berichtigungen der Kompatibilität. In FastReport VCL ist die Arbeit des Bildschirms mit höher dpi Auflösung auch verbessert:

+ Added Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin support for x32 and x64 windows platforms
+ [Lazarus] Added export to PDF
+ [Lazarus] Added support of native Lazarus Chart component
+ Added HTML tags and line spacing support for DOCX export
+ Added SynPDF Export demo
+ Added TfrxPrintMode support in the frxClassRTTI
+ Improved picture cache
- [Lazarus] Fixed images printing
- [Lazarus] Fixed compatibility with x64 platforms
- [Enterpise] Fixed CGI and ISAPI demos
- [Enterprise] Fixed problem with images and dialog forms
- Fixed problems (wrogn scale of Charts, Barcodes, RTF) with non dpi-aware applications with big scale factor (150% and more)
- Fixed export to PDF for FCharSpacing <> 0 and HAlign = haBlock
- Fixed exporting of Unicode characters to ODF for non-Unicode IDE
- Fixed exporting of text with empty lines at the end to XLSX
- Fixed access to resource (frc) file
- Fixed empty text with HTML tags exporting to ODF
- Fixed horizontal align in the ODF export
- Fixed zoom after drill-down
- Fixed bins' list refreshing when TfrxReport.PrintOptions.Printer changed in the designer
- Fixed wrapping of the paragraph's first line with ParagraphGap
- Fixed bug with page's color ant frame in the PDF export
- Fixed exporting date to BIFF8
- Fixed BIFF8 export for reports with more then 1025 pages
- Fixed exporting text with non-printable chars in the XLSX export
- Fixed "Canvas does not allow drawing" error in the TfrxRichView
- Fixed style's font for HighDPI
- Fixed object's export to images if object's height or width < 1 for PDF
- Fixed parent for objects with Left < 0
- Fixed haBlock alignment for RTL languages for PDF
- Fixed reading confirmation for SMTP
- Fixed Standart Report Wizard
- Fixed restoring of preview's positions after drill-down
- Fixed filenames of attachment in the e-mail export
- Fixed &FNC1; usage in the Code128C and CodeEAN128C barcodes
- [Fast Script] Improved FormatFloat accuracy
- Fixed params in the FireDAC components
- Fixed printing on high-DPI printers
- Fixed numeric formatting in the XLSX export
- Fixed FieldNames usage in th DBF export
- Fixed Z-order for images in the HTML(Layered) export