5. September 2005

FastReport 3.17 released

+ added Farsi language resources
+ added pdf and e-mail export buttons in preview toolbar
+ added popup menu in Preview
+ added full screen mode in Preview (F11 hot-key)
* improved PDF export filter
* restricted some properties of HTML and image export by e-mail
- [FQB] fixed for order by DESC of any field
- fixed bug with blank DefaultPath property in all exports
- fixed Null to OleStr bug
- fixed D5/WideStrings bug
- fixed bug with jscript/basicscript
- fixed ibo bug (cannot assign blob to TWideStrings)
- fixed picture bug (error if blob is not valid)
- fixed Cut/Copy/Paste hotkey actions in Object Inspector
- fixed bug with undo in password protected reports
- fixed bug with list of password protected reports in server
- fixed bug with Memo.Lines property
- IBO fixes