22. August 2005

FastReport 3.16 released

+ added unicode support in TfrxMemoView
+ added GIF format export TfrxGifExport
+ added e-mail export (SMTP) TfrxMailExport
+ added new text export filter TfrxSimpleTextExport
+ added CSV export filter TfrxCSVExport
+ case sensitivity in C++Script
+ added X axis type option to chart object
+ added ability to use [] instead of <> (like in FR2.5)
+ [FQB] joins between fields of the compatible types
+ added TfrxDesigner default settings (font, paper, rtl, script language). 
+ added TfrxDMPExport.OnTranslate event
* changed rules of export a rich-text objects
- fixed bug in server with single "pagenav" (Page Navigator) parameter
- fixed picture.url bug
- fixed bug in PDF export with horizontal/vertical lines
- [FQB] fixed 'Control has no parent window' error in Delphi 5
- fixed bug in crosstab (wrong row/column sizes)
- fixed baClient for page objects
- fixed memory leak in Server mode 
- fixed TFMTBCDField bug (wrong sum calculation)
- fixed bug with master-detail DBX