25. April 2005

FastReport 3.12

+ added TfrxReport.StoreInDFM property
+ added TfrxShapeView.Curve property
+ added TfrxReport.PreviewOptions.OutlineExpand property
+ added compatibility code in XLS export - TfrxXLSExport.FastExport property, set FastExport := False if you have OLE error with Excel
+ added TfrxXLSExport.PageBreaks property
+ improved XLS, PDF, HTML exports 
- fixed URLs and anchors feature in HTML export
- fixed bug with font widths in PDF export
- fixed bug PrintOnParent in exports (Enterprise)
+ added TfrxServerConfig.ReportsList property
+ added 'getvariable' URL parameter for query of internal server variables
+ added internal server variables SERVER_REPORTS_LIST, SERVER_REPORTS_HTML
+ added function TfrxReportClient.GetServerVariable(const VariableName: String): String;
+ improved TfrxReportServer performance
+ added NT service demo (see project \Demos\ClientServer\Service)
+ added online documentation in the Server demo
- fully rewritten Advanced Client demo (see project \Demos\ClientServer\Client\Advanced)
- changed reports in Server demo (see project \Demos\ClientServer\Server)
- changed html files in Server demo (see project \Demos\ClientServer\Server)
- bug fixes
! Attention: reports with TfrxRichView (RTF) don't work in Server mode when server cache is on.