1. August 2006

FastReport Studio 3.23 released!

Changes in FastReport Studio 3.23

- fixed bug with styles and numbers format in the XML export
- fixed bug with continuous mode in the XML export
- fixed bug with character height in PDF export
- fixed aggregare error (comma in the field name)
* update Portuguese resources
- fixed compatibility with TLargeIntField
- fixed bug with DefaultPath in XLS export+ added Charset property to IfrxFont interface
+ added OldStyleProgress property to IfrxReport interface
+ added new VB6 example of using ActiveX previews
* ActiveX implemetation fixes 
- fixed bug with RichText objects intersection in RTF export
+ added IfrxCustomCrossView, IfrxCrossView, IfrxDBCrossView interfaces
! renamed elements of frxSeriesSortOrder enumeration due to naming conflict: soNone -> so_None, soAscending -> so_Ascending, soDescending -> so_Descending