21. Dezember 2005

FastReport Studio 3.20

+ added interface IfrxFont.
+ added IfrxFrame interface
+ added IfrxDisplayFormat interface
+ added method ResetDataSet into IfrxDataBand interface
+ added support of NET streams 
+ fixed OnSaveReport event (added SaveAs argument)
+ added IfrxShapeView interface
+ added C# example of OnLoadreport and OnSaveReport events.
+ added OnLoadreport and onSaveReport events to IfrxDesignerEvents interface
+ added IfrxPage interface and GetPage enumerator for IfrxReport
+ improved RTF export
+ enhanced speed and reduced output file size of PDF export
+ added ParagraphGap support in PDF export
+ update German resources
+ update Turkish resources
* AVG function now counts only non-Null values
* RichView object is now WYSIWYG
* lot of fixes and small updates
* fixed IfrxMemmoView interface (added lot of properties - align, color, and etc)
* modified OnSaveReport event of TfrxDesigner
* property EnableLoadSaveEvents of IfrxDesigner interface splitted to EnableLoadEvent and EnableSaveEvent
* updated C++ demo Variable (added lot of comments and emo report changed)
* updated C# DataSetDemo example
- fixed bug in AddVariable method of TfrxReport interface
- fixed bug in RTF export with font style attributes
- fixed bug with frames in PDF export
- fixed paper size bug
- fixed ParagraphGap in PDF export
- fixed stack overflow error with report summary band
- fixed error with dialog form
- fixed big with TProgressBar property out of range on exports of blank page in HTML
- fixed bug in PDF export with zero width/height of bitmap
- fixed bug with checkbox object
- fixed bug with datatree window
- fixed error with chart datetime
- fixed bug with inspector window in debug mode
- fixed undo of password protected report
- fixed some dataset problems
- fixed ask save changes in designer
- fixed PDF export (font color clNone looks as clBlack)