23. September 2014

New version FastReport .NET 2014.3

FastReport have an editor of QR-codes in the designer. Now you will free to create a QR-codes with the contents: vCard, URI, E-mail address, E-mail message, coordinates, SMS, Call, Event, Wi-FI, etc. Designer give new converter from List & Label in FastReport. Also you can use new linear indicators.

+ added QR-code editor in designer
+ added import from List & Label report template
+ added vertical linear gauge
+ added simple gauge
+ added vertical simple gauge
+ added new properties AllowExpression, Brackets in Barcode object
+ added new property Inverted in linear gauge
+ increased customization options of scale in simple gauge
+ added new property DefaultZoom in PDFExport
+ added new property DefaultPage in PDFExport
+ added WebMatrix demo (\Demos\C#\WebMatrix)
+ added CSV export in WebReport
+ added processing of event handlers Load, FormClosing and FormClosed in DialogPage in WebReport
+ added MonthCalendar object in WebReport
* updated German, French, Japanese resources
- fixed bug with scaling of linear gauge
- fixed bug with spaces in file names in exports in WebReport
- fixed bug with metafile size in RTF export
- fixed bug with line spacing in RTF export
- fixed bug with HTML-tags in RTF export
- fixed bug with landscape pages in Word 2007 (docx) export
- fixed bug with selecting all text (Ctrl+A) in the object inspector in designer
- fixed bug with refresh of DateTimePicker in WebReport