11. Dezember 2012

FastReport .NET 2013 released!

Main news:
1. Dialogue forms in web-reports - now end-users can control the
internet/intranet reports building (Web forms + Win forms and
Professional Editions).
2. Now you can insert Map objects to a report. (Win Forms
Edition and higher)
3. Save prepared reports in clouds (Win Forms Edition and higher).
Full list of news in version 2013.1
+ added dialogs in WebReport (some controls and features are in development now)
+ added Map object
+ added map editor in designer
+ added save in cloud Dropbox from preview
+ added save in cloud SkyDrive from preview
+ added AJAX in WebReport
+ added new customizable toolbar in WebReport
+ added AdjustSpannedCellsWidth property in Matrix and Table objects
+ added Wysiwyg property in Word 2007 export
+ added PrintOn.SinglePage to the PrintOn property (doublepass must be enabled)
+ added anchors support in the PDF export
+ added Armenian localization
+ added Label property to chart series
- fixed bug when saving report to .cs/.vb file
- fixed drag&drop bug in the code editor
- fixed bug in the TXT export
- fixed bug in the Word 2007 export in layer mode
- fixed bug with number format in Excel exports
- fixed bug in VB.Net code generator
And that's not all - we plan to add more features soon. Check our daily builds.
It is good time for order, upgrade or prolongation of FastReport.NET