3. August 2011

FastReport.NET 1.7 released

Version 1.7
+ added import plugin for Crystal Reports
+ added Config.DesignerSettings.PageAdded event
+ added Config.PreviewSettings.AllowPrintToFile property
+ added Report.MaxPages property
+ added MatrixObject.KeepCellsSideBySide property
+ added outline in PDF export
+ added properties TableRow.KeepRows, TableColumn.KeepColumns
+ added TableObject.ManualBuildAutoSpans property
+ added ability to hide some objects (export filters, report objects) by the code: RegisteredObjects.FindObject(typeof(PDFExport)).Enabled = false
* improved report file cache
* improved .fpx loading speed/memory usage
* CheckBoxObject available in the Basic edition
- fixed bug with rendering of text in WebReport when TextObject.WordWrap = false
- fixed memory leak when exporting to PDF with embedded fonts
- fixed bug with band break
- fixed bug with information fields in encrypted PDF file
- fixed bug with page borders and fill in PDF export
- fixed bug in RichObject
- fixed bug in the report preview
- fixed bug when saving the report as a class
- fixed bug with some image types
- fixed bug with text break
- fixed bug with events
- fixed RichObject height issue
- fixed bug in PDF export (missing pictures when viewing under MAC OS X or iOS)
- fixed bug with grid alignment
- fixed bug with band's CanBreak and outline
- fixed bug when exporting to metafile
- fixed bug with unary minus with totals
- fixed bug with watermark