2. April 2019

Die neue Version von FastReport Desktop - 2019.2

Die neulich erstellte Version von FastReport Desktop 2019.2 hat folgende Features: Textur Erfüllung der Objekte, Maskierung der Texttrenner im CSV Export, digitales Unterschreiben im PDF Export, verbessertes Interface und usw. Auch sind einige Bugs korrigiert. 

Version 2019.2.7


+ added texture fill
* now in the new reports the default font will always be serialized
- fixed bug with incorrect type cast of Nullable types of fields
- fixed a bug with parsing old reports (before 2016), when the Arial 10pt is not loaded in locales jp and zh
- fixed a bug with removing serieses of MSChartObject when AutoSeriesColumn is empty and AutoSeriesForce is false
- fixed bug with infinite loop in AdvancedTextRenderer when WordWrap is true and width of object less than width of one character
- fixed a bug when in some cases the TypeConverter`s were not loaded correctly


+ added "Hide Zeros" item to context menu for text objects
+ added ability to select a style from the context menu
+ added dialogs for text editor closing; now pressing "X" button will be showed dialog for text changes confirmation
+ added an ability to sort Data Sources in Data window
+ added an ability to sort Data Fields in Data window
+ added an ability to change font in query editor


+ added links for images to HTML-export
+ added an ability to escape quotes in CSV export
+ added PDF digital signature
+ added Hyperlinks to Word2007 export
+ added Hyperlinks to Excel2007 export
* Word2007 files gets proper locale now (Res.LocaleName)
- fixed a bug with an extra line break in the Word export
- fixed loss of a RichText border on export with ConvertRichText option enabled 
- fixed bug with caps of border lines in PDF export
- fix conversion of bold text in RichObject in PDF export