4. Juli 2006

FastReport 3.23 for Delphi released

+ added save to stream possibility in Jpeg, Gif, Tiff, Bmp exports
+ added new control for page headers/footers mode selection in RTF export dialog
+ added new property TfrxRTFExport.HeaderFooterMode 
(you can select between hfText, hfPrint, hfNone - default is hfText)
+ [server] added property TfrxReportServer.WebServer
+ added property TfrxHTMLExport.EmptyLines
* e-mail export now inherits the attachment file name from exports file name
* update French resources
* update Danish resources
* update German resources
- fixed bug in TIFF export (monochrome)
- fixed bug in PDF export when Outline is empty and checked
- fixed large font issues
- some fixes for bar codes in PDF export
- add-in components fixes (AV when open some projects)
- fixed bug with preview (position of the page when resizing the window)
- fixed bug with RichText objects intersection in RTF export
- fixed bug with format of the float numbers in XLS export
- fixed bug with export of barcodes with zoom more than two
- fixed error when page number does not exist in page range in exports dialog
- [server] fixed bug with ampersand in query parameters
- fixed bug with XML export (XML Parsing Error)
- fixed bug with HideIfSingleDataRecord