21. März 2006

FastReport 3.21 released

+ [server] added lot of properties in configuration file (config.xml)
+ [server] added CSV, BMP, GIF, TIFF output formats
+ [server] added caching of reports in memory
* [server] changed format of configuration file (important! see details in server_changes.txt)
* [server] property TfrxServer.Configuration is obsolete
* [server] updated server/service demo
* [server] modified log-writer, statistic, cache modules
- [server] lot of minor fixes
+ added TfrxHTMLExport.UseGif property
+ added unicode support in HTML, "Rich Text" (RTF) and XML exports
+ added TfrxXLSExport.SuppressPageHeadersFooters and TfrxXLSExport.SuppressPageHeadersFooters properties;
+ added TfrxReport.OnPreview event
+ added TfrxReport.OnPrintPage event
+ [FQB] property fqbCore.UsingQuotes added for support of quoted field names
+ added Slovak language resources
+ added clipping in the preview
+ added TfrxPreview.BackColor, FrameColor properties
+ added printer fonts to fontname combobox
+ added transparency/backcolor to rich object
+ added TfrxDesigner.OnInsertObject Event
* changes in the databand editor
* "Pictures" checkbox changed to combobox (none/jpeg/bmp/gif) in HTML export dialog 
* "Styles" checkbox changed to "Continuous" in XLS and XML export dialog
* bcb2006 compatibility
* update Danish resources
* update Dutch resources 
* update Brazilian resources
- fixed bug with incorrect codepage detection for page navigator in HTML export
- fixed bug with incorrect export of EAN barcodes (digits beyond of border were croped)
- fixed incorrect page breaks in RTF export
- fixed shift problem
- fixed monochrome bitmaps stretching
- fixed TfrxDateEditControl
- fixed copying grouped objects
- fixed vband&overlay error
- fixed setting of printer parameters
- fixed KeepFooter + aggregate functions
- fixed TfrxADOTable.IndexFieldNames property
- fixed ado query parameters
- fixes in database/table/query wizard
- fixed bug with font charset in RTF export
- fixed preview painting bug
- fixed bug with rich when no printers installed
- fixed copies in dmp export
- fixed rtf expression parser
- fixed bug with mdi preview
- fixed bug with RTL reading brackets in PDF export
- fixed input chinese chars in dialog controls
- fixed shift behavior
- fixed bug with right align and non-zero charspacing in PDF export
- fixed bug with underline in HTML export
- fixed overlay+keeptogether bug
- fixed bug with bcb5 (cannot use function with parameters)
- fixed large font issues
- fixed html tags