29. April 2015

Eine neue version FastCube VCL 2.3

Die aktuelle Version von FastCube VCL unterstützt RAD Studio XE8 (Delphi XE8/C++Builder XE8).

Und nicht nur das:

+ Added sorting in CubeGrid and DetailGrid
+ Added TfcxSlice.ApplyDefaultSettings
+ Added TfcxSlice.ResetDisplayLabelOfFields
+ Added aggregate function Weighted arithmetic mean
+ Detail grid does not reset the list of fields on each show
+ Added aggregate function Median
+ Added option "Merge Cells" in export to Excel
* Acceleration and optimization calculation of measures
* Hide "Sort" menu item for "Measures" field since it has no sense for it
* Renamed property TfcxMeasureField.SliceField2 to TfcxMeasureField.SliceFieldDistinct
* Removed filters for number input in the Range editor
- Fixed errors of calculation of totals which based on other totals
- Fixed errors of measures calculation
- Fixed error of loading filters with NULL value
- Disabled DoubleBuffered, ParentDoubleBuffered for XE6+ since it cause painting glitches
- Fixed error with attributes referenced from main dataset
- Fixed error in TfcxMeasuresContainer.SetPosition
- Fixed error in HideZero
- Fixed memory allocation error in xls Export on 64bit platforms
- Fixed error in TfcxAxisContainer.DimValue
- Fixed error in CopyToClipboard from DetailGrid
- Fixed error with determining of Minimal Value for conditional highlight in some situations