How to create a report server in FR VCL?

Question: How to create a report server in FR VCL?


Try to create your own server using these instructions:

- Create a new project and save it to disk;

- Copy the file FastReport Enterprise \ Demos \ ClientServer \ Server \ config.xml in the folder of your project;

- Create subfolders under the project: htdocs, reports, logs;

- Create a simple report in the designer with a text box containing the text «Hello World!». And save it to a reports folder with name test.fr3;

- Drop TfrxReportServer component to the form of the project and set the Active property to true (or add a button to the form and in the event handler OnClick enter code frxReportServer1.Active: = true);

- Run the application;

- Open a web browser and type in the address bar:;

Note that the default port used FastReport Server is 80, if the system is already running another Web server on this port, it is necessary to adjust the value of the port in the configuration file, for example http:// / report = test.fr3

Other examples can be found in the folders: \ Demos \ ClientServer \ Server and \ Demos \ ClientServer \ Service ..