Simplifying the work with TableObject in the report designer

Simplifying the work with TableObject in the report designer

Before the 2024.1 update, to add a row or column, you had to look for the desired property in the properties panel and set the desired value. If you wanted to insert a row or column other than at the end of the table, you had to transfer all the cell values manually. In addition, to transfer values, it was necessary to open the editor, copy the value, and paste it through the same editor of another cell.

To resolve these issues and make working with TableObject easier, we have added several changes to the designer.

1. Adding columns and rows using the “+” buttons;

Adding Rows and Columns

Adding Rows and Columns

2. Copying, cutting, and pasting cell contents into other cells using keyboard shortcuts;

3. Adding lines above and below using the context menu;

4. Adding columns on the right and left using the context menu;

Inserting columns and rows via the context menu

5. Setting styles for a group of cells via the context menu;

Selecting a cell style via the context menu

Thanks to all these changes, working with tables in the designer has become much easier.