Styles in FastReport .NET

In this article, I would like to talk about the use of styles in FastReport .NET. Indeed, many people underestimate this feature. They think that styles helps bring documents to a unified specie.

Almost every user faced with a text editor Microsoft Word. And most know that styles help instantly change the appearance of objects (such as titles).

FastReport .Net also allows styles to bring individual objects or groups of objects to uniformity. The practice of style greatly accelerates the development of reports.

So, open the report designer. The toolbar Stiles is located on the tab Home:


There is the drop-down list that allows you to choose the current style. To apply the style you need to select an object or group of objects. Then select the desired style from the drop-down list.

To open the Style Editor, use the icon below the drop-down list:

In the Style Editor, you can add, delete, and edit. In addition, you can save a set of styles file * .frs, and then load styles from this file to create another report. This is very useful if you are developing many reports in the same style.

Style allows you to:

For example, apply a style for headlines data in the report Master-detail:


Bands also have property Style. This means that it is possible to apply the custom styles. But let's turn our attention to the property EvenStyle. Because of this property we can set style for even rows in the table.

Create another style with a light gray fill. Choose a band with the data (in our case, a detailed band data). For the property EvenStyle select created style. Preview the report:


Admit this is a very simple and effective. Thus, using the styles in your reports, you will: accelerate the creation of the report, achieve a uniform design of report objects, and improves the appearance of the lists through the property EvenStyles.