How to make simple Web-report in FastReport .NET

Web-reports are very much in demand nowadays. Every day we use the Internet and look through dozens or even hundreds of web-pages. Many businesses strive to make their activities more public and the Internet for this could be better instrument. Thus, it is possible to transfer some of the existing reports on the web-site of the company without much fuss.

Let's look at how to create a simple Web report based on ASP.Net applications.

I created an empty ASP.Net project. We right click on the solution in Solution Explorer.

From the context menu, select Add -> New item:

Add a Web Form. At the bottom of the workspace switch to design mode:

 So, we have a blank web form:


Now, add the data source for your report. From the Toolbox, select the component SQLDataSource:

And place it on the form. This object has a pull-down menu:

From it we select Configure Data Source, to set connection to the database.


We were invited to create a connection string. I have used MS Access database:


Click OK. In the previous window, click Next. Define the name of the connection:


Further on. Select a table and necessary fields:

Click Next and Finish.

Next, add WebReport component on the form. At the toolbox find WebReport component and drag it to the form.


Choose the "Select Data Source" from the drop down menu. And select the one available:

Now, from the same drop-down menu, select the item "Edit Report". Runs familiar to us FastReport.Net report designer. Create a simple report - the list of employees.

Closing the Report Editor without saving. Note WebReport object properties.

At the ReportResourceString property stored template of our report in coded form. Let's start our project and look at the report in the browser:

You will agree, it's simple enough. Now you can use web-projects you previously created reports for desktop applications.