Representation for tabular data in Excel export

 One of the most demanded formats of report exporting is Excel file. It's the most popular format in accounting reporting. You can edit the report in Excel format using MS Excel tools further on. FastReport.Net provides the range of very interesting features of report export in Excel.

Let's look at the window of report export settings to Excel 2007:


So, we have the capability to export: all pages, current page, selected page.
Now let’s consider the export options:

• Wysiwyg - the precise location of the object after export, default true.
If turned off, the border will be very "rounded". Empty rows and columns will be excluded. All this greatly changes the appearance of the report. You may disable this option if the appearance of the report does not really matter.

Let us consider an example. Option Wysiwyg:


And now with disabled option:


Changed allocation of figures on the table columns.

• Page breaks - page breaks when printing in accordance with the report pages, enabled by default. Let us consider an example. In the first case shows the excel page document when printing with the option Page breaks:


In the second case shows the document with the disabled option Page breaks:


Here’s how the document looks if the Data only property is disabled:

The report looks the same as when you build it in the designer. Now we will do the export with enabled option Data only:

As you can see just the bands with the data are displayed. There is no header, no footer.

• Seamless table - allows you to remove from the export the footer bands and the following header band. This is designed to excel table looked like a uniform, with no breaks in the pages.

The figure below shows a table broken by the band footer. Admit it, it’s not very convenient for an excel document.


Now let's see what the table looks like, if you enable the option Seamless table:


I want to say a few words about the development of reports. The report has a layered structure, and the Excel file - a tabular one. When exporting to Excel, FastReport converts layers into a table. If there is an intersection of cells in the report, the conversion algorithm may fail. Check the template to the intersection cells and the gaps between them, if you want to correct export to Excel.