We have released FastReport VCL 4.11

At the requests of our customers FastReport VCL 4.11 released.

The most important innovation - a new direct export to BIFF8 (Excel). By this new export filter now is it possible to write generated reports directly to Excel format, without third-party programs and technologies.
Early in FastReport had been two (2) export filter to XLS - one of them through the technology of OLE, which is absolutely not suitable for server reports (it is slow and requires presetted Excell on the server), as well as good for large reports (it has formed in computer memory, which does not suffice for large reports, and we can not do anything - OLE technology knows itself better than we how to make it), second (in fact - XML) - did not open in Excel less then 2000, and there were some features, such as displaying images ...

Format BIFF8 complex enough in itself, however, our experts have to export reports in this format and, at the request of our users, we did not wait for 5th version of FastReport VCL, to turn this filter into the product.