Installation FastScript Trial

Download the desired installation file from the developer site, depending on the version of the IDE. Run the installation file.

1) In the first window, we are invited to choose the language localization of installed components. Select the language and click the Next button.


2) The second window displays a warning about copyright. Click "Next" button.


3) In the third box, you need to read the license agreement. If you agree with all terms and conditions, check the box "Yes, I agree with all the terms of this license agreement." Otherwise, the installation will fail. Click "Next" button.


4) The following screen displays information about the product. Check it out. Click "Next" button.


5) Next, you need to choose the installation type: Full (full) or Custom (selective). The default is Full. All the components will be installed. If you want to save disk space, you can opt out of unnecessary components. To do this, select the Custom type. Demonstrate the Custom installation type. Select it and click "Next".


6) To exclude from the installation unnecessary components, turn off the checkboxes next to them. Click "Next".


7) In the next window, set the directory where you will install Fast Script. Select the directory. And click "Next" button.


8) In the next step we can select a group to place the application shortcuts in the menu "Programs". This option can be left unchanged. Click "Next" button.


 9) Now begins the installation of the program. Click "Next" button.


10) The next screen shows the installation process.


11) A list of changes to the text document is displayed after the installation is complete.