Installation of FastReport Viewer

Download the installation file from the developer site -

1)      Run the installation file. The first window is a greeting. Click the «Next» button.

2)      The second window displays information about the license agreement. Please read it. If you agree with all terms check the box «I accept the terms of the license agreement». If you do not do this, you can not continue the installation. Click «Next».

3)      In the third window, specify the directory in which you want to install the program. Then click "Next".


4)      In the fourth window, you can specify the name of the folder in which the program shortcuts will be placed. Also you can choose for whom the program will be available: for all users or only for your user. Click the button «Next».

5)      In the fifth window, we are launching the installation program.

6)      Then there will be shown the installation process.

7)      The seventh window completes the installation. You can start the program immediately after the installation is complete. If you do not want it, then uncheck «Run FastReports Viewers». Click «Finish» button.