Installation of FastCube 2 VCL Trial

 To install FastCube 2 Trial you need to download the installation file from the developer site. Run it.
1) The first step is to choose the interface language. Select English. And click Next.


2) The next window shows the license agreement. If you agree with the terms, check the box "I accept the terms of the license agreement". Otherwise, installation will be terminated. Click Next button.


3) Further the installer displays information about the features of the program. Click the Next button.


 4) The next step is to choose the type of installation: Complete or Custom. In the first case, all the features will be installed. In the second - you will be able to select the required.


5) Let’s consider the Custom installation. We can enable or disable features. In order to do this select the desired one and right click it. The context menu will appear. Three options are available:


Select desired features and click Next.

6) Then select the directory to install the application. And click Next button.


7) At the next step you can set the name of the program folder. Also, you can set the accessibility of the program. There are two options for this:


Click Next.

8) Just click Next to continue installation.


And watch the installation progress.


9) If you want to recompile the FastCube package keep the box checked. Click the button Finish to complete the installation.