Highlighting Even Rows in Reports (Zebra Striping)

We often use zebra striping of table data for easy viewing the reports. Highlighting even rows is good for viewing but they look strange on paper or in Excel table.  FastReport users have two methods for using highlighting only in preview window.

Method #1

You need to open report in the Designer and open the Style Editor from Report-Styles menu. Then we add a style with name "EvenRows" and set needed background color for even lines.  Then you need to set a band property EvenStyle = EvenRows.

You need to add the parameter in the Parameters item of Data Tree with name "EvenOff", bool type end default expression "false". Then let to add new event handler of Report in object inspector. Double-click on StartReport event and write code:

private void _StartReport(object sender, EventArgs e)
       if ((Boolean)Report.GetParameterValue("EvenOff"))
        Data1.EvenStyle = "";
        Data1.EvenStyle = "EvenRows";

Now you can control highlighting from code.

Review an example for export in Excel from WebReport:

            webReport.Report.SetParameterValue("EvenOff", true);

            Stream stream = new MemoryStream();

            webReport.Report.Export(new Excel2007Export(), stream);



Method #2

All objects in report have properties Printable and Exportable. These properties set in true by default and enable or disable object in print or export. You can create an empty text object and set needed properties. Then you need to set a style as described above and put object behind the striped objects. To do this, right click on the object and select the bottom menu item "Send To Back". Remember that striped objects should have a transparent background.