Connecting to a PostgreSQL database in .NET application

Connecting to a PostgreSQL database in .NET application

Our FastReport .NET offers rich features and wide functionality. Today we will look at how to connect to a database through the FastReport plugin for the report designer. This plugin is based on the Npsql.dll library.

First, let's figure out how to build the right plugin for FastReport .NET. After that, we will create a connection between our database and the report.

First, we should build a plugin to connect to PostgreSQL. For this, go to the directory where your FastReport .NET is installed and follow this path: Extras\Core\FastReport.Data\FastReport.Data.Postgres. Next, open the project FastReport.Data.Postgres.—Āsproj. Often you will see these errors when you open it for the first time:

Errors when connecting to PostgreSQL


Don't worry. To deal with it, just remove the FastReport project from dependencies. Instead, add a reference to FastReport.dll, which is located in the folder with the installed FastReport .NET.

Step 1. Remove the project dependency.

Removing the project dependency


Step 2. Go to the tab for adding references

Adding references


Step 3. Click “Browse…” and go to the directory with the already installed FastReport.NET.

Reference manager


Step 4. Select FastReport.dll from the list of files.



Step 5. Build the project and you will see that there are no errors.

Building the project without errors


We have successfully built the PostgreSQL connector, now let's add it to the report designer. It will be easy.

Open the report designer directly, go to its settings and connect the dll file to make our connector work properly.

Report designer settings


Then we go via the following path: Extras\Core\FastReport.Data\FastReport.Data.Postgres\bin\Debug\net452 and select the FastReport.Data.Postgres.dll file, which we will add to the project.

Plugin settings


Next, restart the report designer and select “Add Data Source” in the “Data” tab.

Add Data Source


Now click on “Add Connection” and select the PostgreSQL connection.

Selecting a type of connection


Enter data and watch whether it is being connected properly.

Data Connection Wizard


In this article, we have learned how to connect the PostgreSQL database to the report designer. As you can see, FastReport .NET allows to easily build and add various connectors to various databases.