PDF viewing settings when exporting from FastReport.NET

Title of the article partly reveals subject. I would like to consider configuration a viewer PDF files when exporting FastReport .NET report. This can be Acrobat Reader or browser's built-in viewer (Edge, Chrome) or any other viewer. You'll find that some of the options are very useful. Here is the tab "View" window in PDF export settings:


Consider all the options in order:

With the menu:

Without the toolbar menu:

With the main menu:

Without the main menu:


For example, choose the size of the "Fit Page". The scale will be chosen so that the entire page is fully displayed on the screen:

Here is a sample report with a built-up:

And here is the document PDF, if for such a report to include the option Outline:

On the left is displayed bookmarks toolbar, which contains the report plan.

We have considered all the options for configuring the display of the document in the viewer. Which of them will be useful to you to judge. But it is obvious that you shouldn't ignore these settings if you want to create a document that is easy to read the end-user.