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                            Current Version
  [.Net Core]
- fixed error with packages installation

- fixed import from rdl 2010 report template

* increased speed of export to CSV
- fixed bug with removing the last character of each row when exporting to CSV without separator

- fixed position of loading indicator

+ added new demo \Demos\C#\PrintZPL

Version 2018.1
  [.Net Core]
+ added WebReport for .Net Core (FastReport.Web.Core\
+ added support Online Designer

+ added the ability to change of TextObject and CheckBoxObject in Preview when these objects have Editable property
- fixed non-working search in preview

+ added Editable property for TextObject and CheckBoxObject
- fixed error when parameter with type double initialized by int value

+ added Gauge editors, semi-radial gauges, added gradient fill to Pointer
* improved report generation speed with UseFileCache option
* improved selection of LineObject when zoom > 100%
- fixed bug with processing mouse event on PolyLineObject and PolygonObject toolbars

+ added polygons and polylines to PowerPoint export
+ added ShiftNonExportable property indicating that the report bands should be shifted, if page has any non-exportable bands (Exportable = false)
+ added PreserveAspectRatio, UseWidthAndHeight and UseViewBox properties to SVG export
+ added forms export for pdf export, objects with the Editable property, will be exported as an input field
+ added export in ZPL (Zebra printers)
- fixed bug with SVG export to multiple files
- width and height replaced to vievBox in svg export
- fixed bug with multiple export from one export class instance
- fixed bug when exporting report from code with Report.MaxPages equal 1 or more
- fixed bug with ImageExport if report contain tables
- fixed bug with ampersand in links for Excel2007Export
- fixed bug with Word2007 export (black pages in OpenOffice)

+ added outline (TOC) of report in WebReport
- fixed issue when fastreport handler in 'location' tags

- fixed bug with encoding in json connector, added DataEncoding property

  [Online Designer]
+ added ability to hide of preview button on building
+ added SVGObject
+ added grouping of similar components (Gauge etc.) in tab with components
+ added dialog window with error text from server on saving of report
* info (i) is showing in dialog instead of popup in top corner
- property values of Cursor have been updated
- fixed bug with selection of color from toolbar in IE browser
- fixed bug with field with selection for color in Highlight editor and Border editor in IE browser
- fixed bug with empty properties panel for TableColumn and TableRow
- fixed bug with showing of bands in incorrect order in Chrome browser

Version 2017.4
+ added initial support of .Net Core (\Demos\Core\FastReportCore.MVC\readme.txt)

+ Trim property has been added for linear barcodes
+ Tag property has been added for all components
+ added saving of meta data (ReportInfo.Name, ReportInfo.Author, ReportInfo.Description, 
  ReportInfo.Created, ReportInfo.Modified, ReportInfo.CreatorVersion) in prepared report file
+ added RegisterData(DataSet data, bool enableAllTables) and RegisterData(DataSet data, string name, bool enableAllTables)
  functions for registering DataSet and enabling all its tables
+ added possibility to access the Report.Dictionary without case sensitivity
+ added RadialGauge control
+ added SimpleProgressGauge control
- fixed wrong result for n.9999 values in NumToWords functions
- fixed bug with multi-thread preparing and using the cursors inside a report
- fixed borders for Gauges
- adjusted scale and pointer for SimpleGauge

+ added pagination in Data View Window
+ added Space to separators list in CSV connection
+ added possibility to open List and Label files with extensions crd, srt, inv, lab and let
+ added selecting previous file filter in open file dialog
- fixed bug with deleting of bands
- fixed bug with empty fields when connecting to CSV table
- fixed bug with space separator when connecting to CSV table
- fixed bug with strings without separator when connecting to CSV table
- fixed bug when viewing business object data
- fixed bug with null value of System.Guid instance
- fixed bug in PageColumns class when number of positions is not equal number of columns

+ added Word2007Export.RowHeight property with enum (Minimum, Exactly)
+ added converting to Percent format for Excel2007 export
+ added export in LaTeX (without pictures, works with XeLaTex)
- fixed bug with barcode duplicates in PDF export
- fixed bug with table cells duplicates in XAML, SVG exports
- fixed bug with tilde in Excel2007 export
- fixed bug with image duplicating in PDFExport
- fixed bug with Biff8 export from prepared report
- allowed export TextObjects with not default FontWithRatio to Excel 2007

+ added property WebReport.DesignerConfig for storing custom configuration of Online Designer
- fixed bug with WebReport object resizing

+ added Web API self-hosted example (Demos\C#\Web\WebApiSelfHosted)
+ added SVGObject plugin (\Extras\Misc\SVGObjectPlugin)
+ added TelegramMessenger plugin (\Extras\Misc\Messaging\TelegramMessenger)
+ added support for MaxiCode and Intelligent Mail barcodes
+ added editor for hyperlink property
* improved Crystal Reports converter, now works with the latest versions of Crystal

  [Online Designer]
+ added Highlight editor
+ added resizing area for the left sidebar
+ added MaxiCode & Intelligent Mail barcodes
+ added ability to call control dialogs from properties panel by clicking button in the title of subsection
+ switch all the customization panels at once
+ font editing dialog
+ border property editing dialog
+ hyperlink property editing dialog
+ building process changed
* popup restyle in the upper right corner
- fixed bug with positioning DataHeader Band after DataBand
- fixed bug with freezing in IE

Version 2017.3
+ added Intelligent Mail (USPS) barcode
+ added MaxiCode barcode
+ added property Report.ReportInfo.Tag
+ added property Report.ReportInfo.SaveMode
+ added support functions with optional parameters
* added thread-safe collections support for .net 4

+ added ability of multi-line editing of Report.ReportInfo.Description and Report.ReportInfo.Tag
- fixed bug with wrong width of different lines of border

+ added ability to embed any file in PDF export with methods: PDFExport.AddEmbeddedXML, PDFExport.AddEmbeddedFile
- fixed creating blank page after a table in RTF and Word2007 exports
- fixed bug with bands Exportable property
- fixed appearance of dates in Excel2007 export
- fixed bug with padding and height of text in PDF export
- fixed bug with black boxes in exports

+ added new example for working with ZUGFeRD and PDF/A-3b \Demos\C#\ZUGFeRD 
+ added new example for Web API \Demos\C#\Web\WebApi  
- fixed bug with relative path to JSON file in JSON connector

+ added properties WebReport.RequestHeaders, WebReport.ResponseHeaders
+ added catching of exceptions on call of WebReport.DesignerSaveCallBack
- fixed page margins in printing from browser
- fixed bug with lines in HTML export and WebReport
- fixed TTF exceptions processing for PDFExport

  [Online Designer]
+ added support of new property ReportInfo.Tag in Report object
- fixed muli-level view of childs links
- property Padding can contain only integer values

Version 2017.2
+ added new barcode: Pharmacode
+ added new option for images: Grayscale display mode
+ added ability to change the color of barcodes
+ added caching of compiled report script
- fixed bug with losing precision in totals
- fixed bug with enabled ReportPage.UnlimitedHeight and ReportPage.PrintOnPreviousPage
- fixed bug with null initialization in text objects
- fixed bug with deserialization on saving from On-line Designer

+ added support of Right-to-Left Interface (RTL)
+ added a new property to MSChartObject, that allows to use several series with automatic creation
- fixed bug when instead of creating a new data source, editing of selected data source was opening

+ added support of Right-to-Left Interface (RTL)
+ added mouse-relative zoom

+ added ability to insert images in original resolution when exporting to PDF
+ in the PDF export window added ability to select a color space
* improved quality of images in Excel 2007 export
+ added export in Excel 97-2003 (BIFF8)
* added converting  to Date format for Excel2007 export
* changed work of export to Dropbox for using API 2.0 instead API 1.0
* improved SVG export: added embedding images in file, HasMultipleFiles option was added, improved text rendering, text with angle, underlines added
- fixed bug with blank pages in Excel 2007 export
- fixed bug in PDF and HTML exports with vertical position of text which height is bigger than object height
- fixed bug with metafile images in RTFExport
- fixed bug with Vertical Alignment = bottom in PDF export
- fixed transparent images appearance in XPS export
- fixed export empty images in XPS
- fixed bug in preview of CSV export with small amount of rows
- fixed bug with bold japanese fonts in PDF export
- fixed bug with Exportable property

+ added RavenDB connector \Extras\Connections\FastReport.RavenDB
+ added SQL Anywhere connector \Extras\Connections\FastReport.SqlAnywhere
+ added new report demos: Pharmacode, Box
+ added ToolbarBackgroundStyle.None (you can use WebReport.ToolbarColor instead bitmap from style)
+ added properties WebReport.UnlimitedWidth, WebReport.UnlimitedHeight for enable Unlimited size for all report pages (default: false - use report settings)
+ added property WebReport.Dialogs for enable or disable all report dialogs (default: true - enabled)
- fixed bug with handling of onClick event in WebReport
- fixed bug with Exportable = false objects in WebReport preview and print

Version 2017.1
+ added possibility to set picture location (URL) in PictureObject from database
+ added support of alphanumeric values in GS1-128 barcode
* optimized memory consumption
- fixed bug with RichObject page break

+ added possibility to select all tables in DataWizardForm
+ added CSV database connection
- fixed bug with updating the script when loading another report 
- fixed bug with updating TextObject.Format
- fixed bug with updating TextObject.Border
- fixed bug with non-existing connection plugin

+ added "Exports" and "Clouds" properties in PreviewControl to hide/show exports in the "Save" button drop-down menu

+ added ability to export text as curves in PostScript and PPML exports
+ added property FastCloudStorageClient.ReportUrl containing the link to a report after uploading to FastReport Cloud
+ added possibility to send a report using XMPP/Jabber and FastReport Cloud
+ added support of PDF/X-4 standard
+ added CMYK color profile in the PDF export
+ added property HTMLExport.EnableMargins to use page margins in the output file (default: false)
* added possibility of getting images from a stream by GetImage(..) method in XAMLExport, property name ToMultipleFiles changed to HasMultipleFiles
- fixed export of GroupHeader and GroupFooter bands in FR3 export
- fixed bug with exporting images in Metafile image export
- fixed bugs with formatting in OpenOffice Writer (Open Document Text) export
- fixed bugs with formatting in Word 2007 (docx) export
- fixed bug with font "Meiryo UI" in PDF export
- fixed bug with export dates in german locale for Excel2007 export

+ added property WebReport.ShowBackButton to display the "Back" button (return to previous report in the tabbed report)
+ added property WebReport.LogFile to log the errors in WebReport, may be combined with WebReport.Debug 
+ added property WebReport.EnableMargins to use page margins in the output (default: false)
+ added support of Page.Fill in WebReport
+ added support of WebReport background color - WebReport.BackColor (default value: White)
* changed progress picture
- fixed bug with printing from browser any reports with links to detailed report
- fixed bug with displaying the scroll bars on 100% width and height
- fixed bug with visualization of reports with unlimited page width/height
- fixed bug with "Fit Width/Fit Page" zooming in the toolbar
- fixed bug with multi-threading
- fixed bug with TextObject.ParagraphOffset

+ added new example \Demos\C#\WPFViewer 
+ added new example \Demos\MFC

+ added MongoDB connector \Extras\Connections\FastReport.MongoDB  
+ added NosDB connector \Extras\Connections\FastReport.NosDB 
- fixed bug with displaying a list of tables in FastReport.MySQL

Version 2016.4
+ added new HtmlObject for using in the WebReport or HTML export
+ added event Report.CustomCalc for custom data processing
- fixed issue with incorrect assembly loading in report script 

+ added TextOutline editor
- fixed bug with disappearing of part PolyLineObject, PolygonObject after preview

+ added compliance with PDF/X-3 in PDF export 
+ added new property PDFExport.PDFCompliance
+ added property PDFExport.ColorProfile for using in PDF/X-3 compliance mode
+ added support of export pictures with lossless compression in PDF export
+ added property PDFExport.ImageLossless 
+ added IsScrolled property in XAML export
* depercated properties: PDFExport.PdfA, PDFExport.PdfACompliance) 
- fixed bug with html tags in Excel 2007 export
- fixed bug with wrong format of negative value of cell with CustomFormat in Excel 2007 export
- fixed bug with line-height in HtmlObject in HTML export
- fixed bug with skipping sequences spaces in TextObject for Excel2007 and HTML exports
- fixed bug with handling control symbols in Excel2007Export
- fixed bug with encryption in PDF export
- fixed bug with validation of PDF/A compliance with hyperlinks in report

+ added hyperlinks on bookmarks functionality (works only with Layers = true)
+ added hyperlinks on page number functionality (works only with Layers = true)
+ added click event handler functionality (works only with Layers = true)
+ added detailed reports - hyperlinks on hidden report page or report file (works only with Layers = true)
+ added new property WebReport.ShowTabCloseButton (default value: false)
+ added new property WebReport.TabPosition (default value: TabPosition.InsideToolbar)
+ added new example for Single Page Application \Demos\C#\Web\SPADemo 
+ added new enum member TabPosition.Hidden for hidding tabs from toolbar
* improved memory consumption
* improved caching of reports
- fixed bug with downloading in Android
- fixed bug in WebReport with CacheDelay in MVC applications
- fixed bug with URLEncoded Cookies in Online Designer call-back
- fixed bug with null ID in MVC
- fixed bug with skipping lead spaces in TextObject
- fixed bug with page breaks on printing from browser

+ added connector SharePoint/"Office 365" \Extras\Connections\FastReport.SharePoint
* updated German resources

Version 2016.3
+ added new objects PolyLineObject, PolygonObject
+ added properties Page.UnlimitedHeight, Page.UnlimitedWidth
* updated rotation drawing for angle of images

+ added welcome window displayed on the designer startup
+ added splash screen showing during loading designer
+ added new toolbar for editing of PolyLineObject, PolygonObject
+ added unsaved report indication in window title
+ added unlimited page width and height options to PageSetup window

+ added Bold, Italic simulation for "MS UI Gothic" font and similar in PDF export
+ added export in JSON
+ added property PDFExport.ShowPrintDialog for showing the print dialog after opening the PDF document
+ added export PolyLineObject, PolygonObject in PDF
+ added property PDFExport.TextInCurves for creating the PDF document without fonts
+ added possibility to send multiple reports as attachments in Email export
+ added ToMultipleFiles property in XAML export
* improved export in Excel 2007 with enabled property Seamless
* improved drawing of dash-dot lines in PDF export for correct printing from the Chrome
- Fixed bug with <div> style(numbers format) in Html Layers export
- fixed bug with pictures with size over the page in PDF export
- fixed bug with paths in exports: XAML, SVG, PostScript, PPML
- fixed bug with shadows in HTML export
- fixed bug with TextObject.Underlines in HTML export
- fixed bug with images hash counting in PDF export
- fixed bug with hyperlinks in Trial version in PDF export
- fixed bug(Header added) in PostScript export
- fixed bug with fonts in PostScript export

+ added properties Left, Top, Width, Height in CustomDrawEventArgs (can be used in WebReport.CustomDraw)
+ added showing Print Dialog in print in PDF
+ added properties WebReport.DocxRowHeightIs, WebReport.PdfShowPrintDialog
+ added function WebReport.PrintInPdf(bool ShowPrintDialog) for setup showing the Print Dialog in PDF
* usage examples of WebReport are updated and relocated to the \Demos\C#\Web folder
* updated internal jQuery to v1.12.3
- fixed bug with CustomDraw event inside TableObject and Matrix
- fixed bug with incorrect MIME type in inline PDF printing
- fixed bug with switching Localization in ASP.NET (not MVC)

+ added JsonConnectionEditor.cs in FastReport.Json connector (\Extras\Connections\FastReport.Json)

Version 2016.2
+ added property Config.ReportSettings.ImageLocationRoot for set the local root path of PictureObject.ImageLocation
+ added possibility to download maps from OpenStreetMap files (*.osm)
- fixed bug with System.NullReferenceException after ShowPrepared method

+ added support to select and drag-n-drop multiple items in the data window
- fixed bug with drag-n-drop operation of parameter variables in the data window

+ added support of TextObject.TextOutline in PDF export 
+ added support of LineHeight, ParagraphOffset in HTML export
+ added filtering of html tags in CSV export
+ added support of clipping (TextObject.Clip) in PDF export
- fixed bug with absent spaces behind tagged strings
- fixed bug with bookmarks in Acrobat Reader
- fixed bug with packing of open type fonts in PDF export
- fixed bug with wrong frames in PDF export

+ added event for rendering the custom objects in Web or overriding rendering of standard objects (WebReport.CustomDraw), 
  works only with enabled WebReport.Layer
+ added support of layered HTML in WebReport (WebReport.Layers) with better WYSIWYG
+ added interface for Online Designer with list of functions
- fixed bug with padding in WebReport
- fixed bug with different localization (WebReport.LocalizationFile)
- fixed bug with width of popup in toolbar menu
- fixed bug with application cookies in Online Designer handlers
- fixed bug with WebReport.XlsxWysiwyg

+ added new methods (GetReportsListByPathXml, GetReportsListXml, GetGearListXml,  
  GetPreparedReportByID, GetReportXml, PutReport) in FastReport.Service.dll

Version 2016.1
+ added text outline with possibility to set color, width and style of line (property TextObject.TextOutline)
+ added property TextObject.TextOutline.DrawBehind
- fixed bug with ResetPageNumber with multiple nested GroupHeaderBand
- fixed bug with pointing of objects in Preview when Classic View of bands is enabled in Designer
- fixed bug with exception on printing to disconnected printer

- fixed CRLF in ODT Export
- fixed bug with out of range exception in PDFExportPictures.cs

+ added property WebReport.RefreshTimeout (time for report refresh in seconds, 0 - refresh disabled), 
  this property may be useful for Dashboard functionality
* improved AJAX communication with server
- fixed bug with download of exports by IE8 under Windows XP
- fixed bug with multiple WebReport object on page
- fixed bug with multiline TextObject in Dialogs

- fixed bug with x86 in vb Demos/VB.Net/Main/Form1.vb

Version 2015.4
* new install
* now Online Report Designer is separate product, all Professional customers have got it for free
* modified Main demo and report examples (\Demos\C#\Main)

+ added text outline with possibility to set color, width and style of line (property TextObject.TextOutline)
* improved speed of report prepare
* reduced memory consumption
* explained exception on invocation the events in script

+ added import from DevExpress report template

+ added export in FastReport Cloud
+ added font color tag parsing in RTF export
+ added property Excel2007Export.Seamless for export table without breaks
+ added exports in PPML (Personalized Print Markup Language) and PostScript - (classes PPMLExport, PSExport)
+ added EmbedPictures property in HTMLExport
* rewrited saving in Excel 2007, Word 2007, Power Point 2007, XPS
* reduced memory consumption in table based exports
* increased speed of export in PDF, Excel 2007 
- fixed bug with shadows in table-based exports
- fixed code duplication in XAML, SVG, PPML, PostScript exports 
- fixed URL links in layer HTML export
- export shapes(rectangle, rounded rectangle) in layer HTML export by using CSS

+ added property WebReport.XlsxSeamless for export table without breaks in Excel 2007 format
+ added property WebReport.EmbedPictures (embedding pictures in HTML)
+ added property WebReport.DesignerLocale (set locale for Online Report Designer)
- fixed bug with rendering report with enabled property WebReport.SinglePage
- fixed bug with default values of parameters 
- fixed bug with pictures with enabled property WebReport.SinglePage
- fixed bug with multiline TextBox
- fixed bug with Azure cookies

  [Online Report Designer]
+ added html5 manifest for off-line working (without iframe)
+ added dialogue controls TextBox, RadioButton, Label, CheckBox, ButtonControl
+ added support of dialogue forms
+ added double-tap for mobile devices
+ added hotkeys help on button "h"
* optimization of report parser
* changed the algorithm of selection of several objects
- fixed bug with prefixes of connections 
- fixed bug with change the name of system variable
- fixed bug with Font size for TextObject, 
- fixed bug with Padding after load
- fixed bug with duplicate Dictionary in resulting report
- fixed bug with copying of objects
- fixed bug with move objects with hotkeys
- fixed bug with lost connections in report on preview

Version 2015.3
- fixed bug with change of application working path on call of Report.Prepare
+ added ability to use FastReport.dll without FastReport.Bars.dll if the designer is not shown
* drop-down list width in relations editor now corresponds with items width
- fixed bug with incorrect display of Japanese characters in Ribbon bar
- fixed bug "Code tab loses focus to events window when typing"
- fixed bug with deleting page after "CTRL+C -> CTRL+V -> DEL -> CLICK" sequence
+ added support of Windows Azure working environment
+ added properties WebReport.InlineRegistration, WebReport.ShowAfterPrepare
+ added new property WebReport.Debug
+ added ability to save report from On-line Designer through POST query in call-back page (when WebReport.DesignerSavePath is blank)
+ added property WebReport.CloudEnvironmet for enable compatibility with Azure environment
+ added event WebReport.OnSaveDesignedReport for work with saved report after On-line Designer (field FastReport.Web.SaveDesignedReportEventArgs.Stream)
+ added methods for direct export in file from browser WebReport.ExportPdf(), WebReport.ExportOds(), etc.
* improved error reporting
* optimization of memory consumption
- fixed bug with script registration
- fixed bug with file name with spaces in export
- fixed issues with WebReport.RegisterData
- fixed bug with Parameters
- fixed bug with size when height is 100% in Online designer mode
- fixed bug with support of HTTPS on run the call-back page for save the report from On-line Designer
- fixed bug with preview the reports with dialogs from On-line Report Designer
- fixed bug with access to files on debug under Visual Studio with IIS server
- fixed bug with serialization under Web Garden or Web Farm mode
  [On-line Report Designer]
+ added tooltip for text objects with content greater than the size 
+ added context right mouse button menu on some objects
+ added property in configuration file 'default-tab-menu' for setting default menu tab
+ added properties in configuration file 'show-properties', 'show-events', 'show-rt', 'show-data' for enable or disable panels
+ added change the size of the row or column of the table with the mouse
+ added property in configuration file 'notifications', which change the type of notification ('default' or 'HTML5 Notifications'), or disable
+ added deleting of cell with Totals in context menu of MatrixObject 
+ improved read Connections and DataSources from report
+ auto set of DataSource to the band on first drag-n-drop of database field
+ added context menu in Report Tree for objects and bands
+ added context menu for bands
+ added context menu for MatrixObject
+ added new styles for MatrixObject
+ added ability for open blank report without load of default template in WebReport
+ added editor of DataBand, GroupHeaderBand on double-click and 'Edit' in context menu
+ added 'Delete' in context menu of bands
+ added DatePicker for data selection in some fields in properties 
+ added new tab "Report" in main menu with items Preview, Page, Save 
+ added helper button in right corner with hot-keys information 
+ added the popup window for edit the PictureObject
+ added ability in config-data file to enable of progress indicator for save the report (property show-saving-progress)
+ added showing of DataSource Relations
* if the column of DataSource has the neested columns (or neested DataSources), then they show in Data panel
* added context menu for components 
* window with delete confirmation of object|band is no longer shown
* added colorpicker plugin for browsers (such as IE) without support of input type color
- fixed bug with filters in data-bands and with html tags in text objects
- fixed bug with invisible icons in on-line Designer
- fixed json syntax error in configuration file
- fixed bug with adding of GroupHeaderBand with DataBand and wrong position
- fixed bug with saving of padding in text objects
- fixed bug with save of Maps
- fixed bug with quotes in report script
- fixed bug with aliases for data sources in expressions

Version 2015.2
* updated Japanese resources
- fixed bug with opening frx/fpx files with Unicode signature in begin of file
- fixed bug with CantFindObject exception in report reader in WebMode
- fixed bug with saving empty Excel 2007 files
- fixed RichTextQuality in PDF export
+ added Preview button in File menu in Ribbon toolbar
+ added export in Prepared report
* page breaks in export to Excel 2007 from WebReport now disabled by default
- fixed bug with exception CantFindObject in WebReport
- fixed bug with preview from designer in ASPX mode
- fixed bug with designer position
- fixed bug with report load in designer in ASPX mode
+ added report exporting methods in Service
  [On-line Report Designer]
+ added barcodes Aztec, Plessey, GS1-128/EAN-128
+ added support of hierarchical data arrays with BusinessObjects
+ added Aliases for data sources
+ added copy/paste of TableObject and MatrixObject
+ added enable/disable of rows/columns in tabled objects
+ added MatrixObject
+ added more space between bands
+ band height reduced twice on mobile devices
+ cancel of creating object by ESC
+ added scale of report page with "ctrl + mousewheel"
+ added save of report on keys "ctrl + s"
+ added corners highlight of selected objects
+ added objects SimpleGauge, LinearGauge
* changed panels with properties and events
* improved work with TableObject
* changed design of trees in Report Tree, data and in Expression Editor
* improved of parse of report with error reporting 
* the icons are same as in desktop designer
* added tab View change of settings of grid and units 
* changes in style of object creation
* changed search algorithm of objects on page with selection
- fixed bug with duplicate component/bands names
- fixed bug with cell deletion in table object
- fixed bug with deletion of child bands in last band of page
- fixed bug with band resize to 0
- fixed bug with save of included objects in frx report
- fixed bug in TableObject with adding of rows and columns
- fixed bug in TableCell with RowSpan and ColSpan 
- fixed bug with table witdh and height
- fixed bug with selecting of non valid fields
- fixed bug with showing of messages when toolbar is hidden
- fixed bug with moving of child cells of table beside a left side
- fixed bug with adding of new object on the mobile devices
- fixed bug with create object on scaled page
- fixed bug with create object inside a cell of table
- fixed bug with positioning of LineObject in Firefox

Version 2015.1
+ added on-line HTML5 Report Designer (beta) in WebReport - available in Trial and Professional editions
+ added new Ribbon toolbar in Report Designer
+ added new interface styles in Designer: Office 2010 (Silver), Office 2010 (Blue), 
  Office 2010 (Black), Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012 (Light), Office 2013
+ added RESTful service in FastReport.Service.dll
+ added new Aztec, Plessey barcode
+ added GS1-128 (formerly known as UCC-128 or EAN-128) barcode. Currently supports only numeric values.
+ added new properties in WebReport: DesignReport, DesignScriptCode, DesignerPath, DesignerSavePath, 
  DesignerSaveCallBack, PrintInBrowser, SinglePage
+ added property CSVExport.NoQuotes that disables quotation marks in CSV export
* updated demos \Demos\C#\MvcRazor,\Demos\C#\WCFWebService,\Demos\C#\WCFWebClient 
* updated japanese, greek resources
- fixed bug with export in PDF/A
- fixed bug in WebReport with 'Access to the path \FastReport\ is denied'
- fixed bug with memory leak in PDF export 
- fixed bug with Gauge object in Word 2007 export
- reduced memory consumption in WebReport
- fixed bug with caching of report results by browser in WebReport

Version 2014.4
+ added an AutoSave feature in a Designer, you can enable it and set a time interval in View-Options-Saving
+ added picture editor in a Designer, now pictures can be resized, cropped and modified to grayscale or monochrome 
+ added "Enable Code Completion" checkbox in Code Page Options in a Designer
+ added selection of multiple objects with CTRL key in a Designer
+ added proportionally scaling of objects with SHIFT in a Designer
+ added selection of barcode type on a toolbar in a Designer
+ added text editor for barcodes
+ added support of encodings Windows-1251, cp866 in QR-code object
+ added transparency of the image in PDF export
+ added compliance of PDF/A-2a,b and PDF/A-3a,b in PDF export
+ added new property PDFExport.PdfACompliance 
  (can be selected from PdfAStandard.PdfA_2a, PdfAStandard.PdfA_2b, PdfAStandard.PdfA_3a, PdfAStandard.PdfA_3b)
+ added options for selection of PDF/A compliance, Jpeg quality, Initial Zoom in PDF export dialog
+ added support of dialog objects ListBoxControl, CheckedListBoxControl in WebReport
* improved speed of PDF export with transparent images (now it three times faster)
- fixed bug in Designer with save from code editor (save icon is not active after code change)
- fixed bug with band break
- fixed bug with single page export in PDF

Version 2014.3
+ added QR-code editor in designer
+ added import from List & Label report template
+ added vertical linear gauge
+ added simple gauge
+ added vertical simple gauge
+ added new properties AllowExpression, Brackets in Barcode object
+ added new property Inverted in linear gauge
+ increased customization options of scale in simple gauge
+ added new property DefaultZoom in PDFExport
+ added new property DefaultPage in PDFExport
+ added WebMatrix demo (\Demos\C#\WebMatrix)
+ added CSV export in WebReport
+ added processing of event handlers Load, FormClosing and FormClosed in DialogPage in WebReport
+ added MonthCalendar object in WebReport
* updated German, French, Japanese resources
- fixed bug with scaling of linear gauge
- fixed bug with spaces in file names in exports in WebReport
- fixed bug with metafile size in RTF export
- fixed bug with line spacing in RTF export
- fixed bug with HTML-tags in RTF export
- fixed bug with landscape pages in Word 2007 (docx) export
- fixed bug with selecting all text (Ctrl+A) in the object inspector in designer
- fixed bug with refresh of DateTimePicker in WebReport

Version 2014.2
+ added connector Google BigQuery \Extras\Connections\FastReport.GoogleBigQuery
+ added an example of Google BigQuery access \Demos\C#\GoogleBigQuery 
+ added save to Box cloud from preview
+ added support of line-spacing in RTF and DOCX exports
* increased speed of database access (up to 6 times faster)
* changed output of language names in an interface language selection dialog 
* updated German, Japanese resources
- fixed bug with fonts in SVG export
- fixed bug with default message in ProgressBar window
- fixed bug with AVG function in Map editor
- fixed bug in font packing subsystem (in some rare cases the OS/2 table was overlapped by other tables)
- fixed bug with artifact lines in RoundRectangle with big Curve value
- fixed bug with ParagraphOffset in RTF export
- fixed bug with hints in WebReport toolbar

Version 2014.1
+ added compatibility with Fips Algorithm Policy (with limitations: encryption of PDF export, encryption of report)
+ added support of PDF/A in PDF export
+ added export in SVG 
+ added support html tags <B>, <I>, and <U> to RTF export.
+ added localization in WebReport (property WebReport.LocalizationFile)
+ added custom icons and background in WebReport toolbar
+ added new demo of localization and customization in Webreport (Demos\C#\MvcCustomization\)
* added default action to the Print buttion in WebReport when WebReport.PrintInPdf = false;
- fixed bug with paragraphs in RTF & Word2007 exports
- fixed bug when inserting gauge
- fixed bug with bookmarks in PDF export
- fixed bug with an additional empty page in the export to the MS Word 2007 
- fixed bug with borders in XAML export
- fixed bug with rendering of ASP.NET WebReport control in design-time
- fixed bug with showing of invisible dialog pages in WebReport
- fixed the line spacing in a layered export to Word 2007
- fixed bug with incorrect server address in save to FTP server

Version 2013.4
+ added multi tabs preview in WebReport
+ added export in XAML
+ added linear gauge object in designer
+ added demo report for linear gauge (Gauge.frx)
* show band name in the total editor form's bandcombobox
- fixed bug in PDF export with extra large bitmaps
- fixed bug with rendering of ASP.NET WebReport control in design-time
- fixed bug with PrintOn.FirstPage | PrintOn.LastPage
- fixed bug with digit count in numbers in exports
- fixed bug with invisible objects (out of page bounds) in table-based exports
- fixed bug with linespacing in layered export in Word2007

Version 2013.3
+ added new object SparklineObject (compact chart based on MSChartObject)
+ added save to FTP from preview
+ added Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Service Library FastReport.Service.dll
+ added demo of Windows Service \Demos\C#\WCFWindowsService with WCF Service Library
+ added demo of WCF web-service \Demos\C#\WCFWebService  
+ added demo of WCF Windows client \Demos\C#\WCFClient 
+ added demo of WCF web-client \Demos\C#\WCFWebClient
+ added new methods WebReportGlobals.ScriptsWOjQuery() and WebReportGlobals.StylesWOjQuery() for disable jQuery in WebReport (MVC Razor)
+ added property WebReport.ExternalJquery (default: false) for enable or disable jQuery in WebReport (ASPX)
+ added WeekOfYear function
+ added Slovenian localization
* report.RegisterData(ds) replace existing datasources
- fixed bug with the re-export to PDF from code
- fixed bug in PDF export with print from Acrobat Reader with hyperlinks in document
- fixed bug in Excel 2007 export with styles for multi-page report template
- fixed bug in Excel 2007 export with empty page name
- fixed bug in PDF export with double frame borders
- fixed bug in Maps with file permissions

Version 2013.2
+ added support of ASP.NET MVC framework (ASPX, Razor) in WebReport
+ added new demos using WebReport in MVC - \Demos\C#\MvcDemo, \Demos\C#\MvcRazor
+ added save in cloud Google Drive from preview
+ added Greek localization
* IMPORTANT! changed extension of WebReport handler (from FastReport.Export.aspx to FastReport.Export.axd), 
  please check existing web.config
- fixed bug in Dropbox export when Application Key and Secret
- fixed bug in Dropbox with NullReferenceException
- fixed bug with encoding when importing dDase file of Map in DBX export
- fixed excel numeric formats bug
- fixed bug with broken formats after matrix optimization in Excel 2007 export
- fixed bug with font transparency of empty cells in Excel 2007 export
- fixed bug with cell duplication on merged cells in Excel 2007 export
- fixed bug with embedding of monospaced fonts in PDF and XPS exports
- fixed bugs in WebReport with styles
- fixed bug with WebReport.RepotDone
- fixed bug with MasterPages in WebReport
- fixed bug with printing chart legend
- fixed bug in PictureObject

Version 2013.1
+ added dialogs in WebReport (some controls and features are in development now)
+ added Map object
+ added map editor in designer
+ added save in cloud Dropbox from preview
+ added save in cloud SkyDrive from preview
+ added AJAX in WebReport
+ added new customizable toolbar in WebReport
+ added AdjustSpannedCellsWidth property in Matrix and Table objects
+ added Wysiwyg property in Word 2007 export
+ added PrintOn.SinglePage to the PrintOn property (doublepass must be enabled)
+ added anchors support in the PDF export
+ added Armenian localization
+ added Label property to chart series
- fixed bug when saving report to .cs/.vb file
- fixed drag&drop bug in the code editor
- fixed bug in the TXT export
- fixed bug in the Word 2007 export in layer mode
- fixed bug with number format in Excel exports
- fixed bug in VB.Net code generator

Version 1.9
* approved compatibility with Visual Studio 2012
+ added QR Code barcode
+ added support of UNC paths in WebReport storage (web.config)
+ added Exportable property to all report objects
+ added Config.PreviewSettings.PreviewOpened event
+ added BackPage property to the report page
+ added WebReport.XmlExcelDataOnly property
* improved WebReport
* improved TableObject performance
* improved printing of data in the headers/footers
- fixed bug with subreport & databand columns
- fixed bug with subreport & band that can break
- fixed bug with multiple preview tabs
- fixed bug with Config.DesignerSettings.ApplicationConnection
- fixed bug with pictures in PDF export
- fixed bug with TableObject border when exporting to some formats
- fixed bug in WebReport with multiple instances in one page
- fixed bug in WebReport with cleanup of internal storage 
- fixed bug with data filtering with NumericUpDown control

Version 1.8
+ added Web Farms and Web Gardens support in WebReport (example \Demos\C#\WebFarm\Web.Config)
+ added HoverStyle property to all report objects
+ added WebReport.CachePriority property
* improved WebReport using ControlState instead of ViewState, increased speed and stability
- fixed bug when opening RDL-file from recent files list
- fixed bug with empty subreport
- fixed bug in Crystal Reports import plugin (kind of some sections converted incorrectly)
- fixed bug in Crystal Reports import plugin (report creation date converted incorrectly)
- fixed bug in Crystal Reports import plugin (PaperOrientation property converted incorrectly)
- fixed bug in Crystal Reports import plugin (incorrectly converted paper size for formats B4 and B5)
- fixed bug in Crystal Reports import plugin (incorrectly converted groups)
- fixed bug with subreport and KeepTogether
- fixed bug with report parameters and undo/redo
- fixed bug with null thickness and Dash or Dot style of lines in the PDF export
- fixed bug with two-pass report and business object datasource
- fixed bug with printing/exporting interactive reports
- fixed bug when invoking WebReport component designer
- fixed padding when exporting to RTF/Word2007
- fixed bug in PDF export (images and encryption)
- fixed bug with images when editing a prepared report
- fixed number format when exporting to Excel

Version 1.7
+ added Config.DesignerSettings.PageAdded event
+ added Config.PreviewSettings.AllowPrintToFile property
+ added Report.MaxPages property
+ added import plugin from Crystal Reports
+ added MatrixObject.KeepCellsSideBySide property
+ added outline in the PDF export
+ added properties TableRow.KeepRows, TableColumn.KeepColumns
+ added TableObject.ManualBuildAutoSpans property
+ added ability to hide some objects (export filters, report objects) by the code: RegisteredObjects.FindObject(typeof(PDFExport)).Enabled = false
* improved report file cache
* improved .fpx loading speed/memory usage
* CheckBoxObject is available in the Basic edition
- fixed bug with rendering of text in WebReport when TextObject.WordWrap = false;
- fixed memory leak when exporting to PDF with embedded fonts
- fixed bug with band break
- fixed bug with information fields in the encrypted PDF file
- fixed bug with page borders and fill in the PDF export
- fixed bug in RichObject
- fixed bug in the report preview
- fixed bug when saving the report as a class
- fixed bug with some image types
- fixed bug with text break
- fixed bug with events
- fixed RichObject height issue
- fixed bug in PDF export (missing pictures when viewing under MAC OS or iOS)
- fixed bug with grid alignment
- fixed bug with band's CanBreak and outline
- fixed bug when exporting to metafile
- fixed bug with unary minus with totals
- fixed bug with watermark

Version 1.6
+ added Report.InitialPageNumber property
+ added Romanian and Hungarian localization
+ added TextObject.ParagraphOffset property
+ added ability to save template to RDL format (Report Definition Language)
+ added PreviewControl.UseBackColor property
+ added IsNull function to check DB columns for null
+ added Thai localization
+ added import of WritingMode property when import template from RDL format
+ added saving of TextObject.Angle property when saving template in RDL format
+ added FNC1 symbol encoding in the Datamatrix barcode (use &1; sequence)
+ added Open Document Text, XPS, DBF exports in WebReport
* added ability to replace built-in query builder
* changed work of exports and printing in WebReport, now we use handlers in "web.config" 
- fixed "Scale" print mode
- fixed bug with RichObject and CanShrink
- fixed bug in TextObject break
- fixed bug in TextObject.TabWidth
- fixed bug when saving the prepared report with UseFileCache flag
- fixed RichObject multi-thread issues
- fixed bug when opening some saved to RDL reports in the Report Builder
- fixed bug in the Group Expert
- fixed bug with ChartObject filter when saving the report as a C#/VB.Net class
- fixed bug when converting boolean expressions in the RDL import
- fixed bug with internal manifest in ODF export 

Version 1.5
+ added import from RDL format (Report Definition Language)
+ added XPS export
+ added Word 2007 (docx) export
+ added DataBand.ResetPageNumber property
+ added properties PDFExport.JpegQuality and PDFExport.RichTextQuality (default value is 90 in both)
+ added Slovak localization
+ added support for custom functions in the matrix totals
+ added calculation of percents in the Matrix object
+ added TotalsFirst option for the matrix totals
+ added property HTMLExport.Layers and a checkbox in the dialog of the HTML export (enable layers in HTML file)
+ added Config.ReportSettings.ReportPrinted event
+ added DataLoaded event to all dialog controls that support data filtering
+ added inline printing from browser in WebReport
+ added property WebReport.PrintInPdf (enable for PDF printing or disable for browser printing)
+ added properties WebReport.PrintWindowWidth, WebReport.PrintWindowHeight
+ added properties WebReport.ShowWord2007Export, WebReport.DocxMatrixBased
* DbfExport properties FieldNamesFileName, LoadFieldNamesFromFile replaced with FieldNames property
* improved TextObject.Duplicates
- fixed text object's html tags + "underline" font style
- fixed "keep with data" + multicolumn databand
- fixed bug with paper size
- fixed bug when rendering several side-by-side Table objects
- fixed bug with report outline
- fixed bug in RTF export with similar pictures
- fixed bug with CheckedListBoxControl + cascaded filter
- fixed bug with subreport and multi-column band
- fixed bug with FirstTabOffset
- fixed bug with static query parameters and master-detail report
- fixed bug in the PowerPoint export
- fixed bug with Matrix and EvenStyle

Version 1.4
+ added Visual Studio 2010 support
+ added support of font subsets in PDF export
+ added SQL CE connection
+ added HierachyRow# system variable which returns the row number like "1.2.1" in the hierarchical report
+ added support for table schema in OleDB and ODBC connectors 
+ added NumToWordsEs function for spanish
+ added Dutch localization
+ added Ukrainian localization
+ added Config.ReportSettings.DefaultPaperSize property
+ added HTMLExport.Print property (show the browser's print dialog when html document is opened, available only in "single page" mode)
+ added HTMLExport.PageBreaks property (insert hard page breaks in "single page" mode)
+ added ForceLoadData property to all datasources
+ added band.FirstRowStartsNewPage property
+ added Parameter.Description property
+ added Config.TempFolder property
+ added report.ReportInfo.PreviewPictureRatio property
+ added DataBand.PrintIfDatasourceEmpty property
+ added ChildBand.PrintIfDatabandEmpty property
+ added Config.DesignerSettings.Restrictions.DontCreateData restriction to disable the "Data|Add Data Source..." menu
- fixed bug with Row# and StartNewPage
- fixed bug with Nullable custom functions
- fixed bug with bands which CanBreak and StartNewPage properties set to true
- fixed bug in HTML export (skip of styles when many pages exported in "single page" mode)
- fixed bug with registration of plugins
- fixed bug with dialog controls attached to a calculated column
- fixed bug in the query builder (wrong join type)
- fixed dialogue forms controls order
- fixed bug with Dock != None and CanGrow, CanShrink
- fixed bug in HTML export
- fixed bug with "Save printer in the report file" option
- fixed bug in Chart object (ClearValues method does not work)
- fixed bug in the Data Wizard
- fixed bug in totals when the "Convert null values" option is off
- fixed bug with saving report as VB class
- fixed outline in a hierarchical report
- fixed bug in the Chart object (when trying to group unsorted data by months)
- fixed bug in the Data Wizard under Vista OS
- fixed bug with embedded TTC fonts in PDF export
- fixed bug when exporting TableObject with invisible rows
* improved "Data Wizard" dialog (loading the table list is much faster now)
* designer command DesignerControl.cmdData replaced with cmdAddData and cmdChooseData commands
* reduced the resulting file size in HTML export
* improved performance with very deep business objects
* tables in the "Data Wizard" window are sorted now, "Sort tables" button removed
* small improvements in the Data window (ability to move up/down the report parameters using Ctrl+Up/Down keys)
* the installer is now automatically adds all FastReport.Net assemblies to the GAC
* assembly FastReport.dll split into two parts - FastReport.dll, FastReport.Web.dll

Version 1.3
+ added monochrome TIFF export
+ added Excel 2007 export
+ added PowerPoint 2007 export
+ added MHT (web-archive) export
+ added DBF export
+ added ODBC connection
+ added Oracle ODP.NET connection
+ added ability to print copy name on the printed page (see "Features/Print Copy Names" report)
+ added built-in support for cascaded data filtering (DetailControl property). See the "Dialogs/Cascaded Data Filtering" report
+ added "apply" flags to the style elements
+ added band's context menu items for easy creation of child band and detail data band
+ added TextObject.NullValue property (to replace null values with specified string)
+ added TextObject.ProcessAt property (allows to print totals in the header)
+ added the ImageExport.MonochromeTiffCompression property
+ added HTMLExport.WidthUnits, HTMLExport.HeightUnits properties (allows selection between Pixel and Percent)
+ added the Message-HTML (MHT, MHTML, web-archive) mode in HTML export (HTMLExport.Format property)
+ added Config.DesignerSettings.FilterConnectionTables event
+ added DataSourceBase.Load event to load detail rows in code
+ added Croatian localization
+ added Persian localization
+ added new demo projects in the Demos\VB.Net folder
+ added "Script/Sort Group By Total" report
* improved "Keep with data" mechanism
- fixed bug with Matrix and Table objects (Visible property is not working)
- fixed bug with MS SQL connection (can't use tables in schemas other than dbo.*)
- fixed bug in Medium Trust mode
- fixed bug in business objects (duplicate datasource names)
- fixed bug in dialogue forms (switch to the dialog page may throw an exception)
- fixed bug in query builder
- fixed bug with OutlineExpression and RepeatOnEveryPage
- fixed bug with KeepChild
- fixed bug with exporting barcodes
- fixed bug in dialogue controls (Enabled & data filtering)
- fixed bug with RepeatOnEveryPage band with child
- fixed Matrix&Table bug (infinite loop if there is not enough space to print a column)
- fixed bug in PDF export (file structure)
- fixed designer exception when copying the total
- fixed exception when closing the designer
- fixed bug with disabling the navigator in HTML export
- fixed bug with size of WebReport in percents
- fixed PDF export (digits substitution in Arabic)
- fixed bug with sorting on a calculated column
- fixed bug in the PDF export (export of band with zero height and non-solid fill)
- fixed bug in the text/expression editor (drag&drop items from the data tree)
- fixed bug in the Excel 2007 export
- fixed bug in the printer settings dialog (printer properties)
- fixed bug with Outline when several reports are joined into one
- fixed search in the preview
- fixed bug in the group when there is no data to display

Version 1.2
+ added Functions in the "Data" window
+ added new report objects - CellularTextObject, ZipCodeObject
+ added report's Email settings (see Report|Options... menu, "Email" tab)
+ added multi-frame TIFF export
+ added RC4 128-bit encryption in PDF export
+ added "Visible" flag in the highlight editor. Now the highlight condition may hide the object
+ added TextObject's AutoShrink, AutoShrinkMinSize properties
+ added DataBand's RowCount property
+ added ReportPage.ManualBuild event
+ added PictureObject.Angle property
+ added AfterData event to all report objects
+ added CommandTimeout property to all connections
+ added export of watermarks in HTML format
+ added export of underlined TextObject (Underlines = true) in PDF format
+ added Swedish, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Turkish, Spanish localizations
+ added new demo reports in the "Report Objects" category
+ added new demo projects in the Demos folder
* POSSIBLE BREAKING CHANGE! changes in the business objects engine. See details here:
* improved performance (loading and running reports with lot of objects)
* you can use Anchor property of report objects when printing hierarchical bands
* changed default extension of resulting file in Excel(XML) export from *.xls to *.xml
* changes in Excel(XML) export - added export of numeric values
* changes in Matrix object
* improvements in hierarchical reports (header/footers, totals)
- fixed bug in VB.Net report language
- fixed bug in Viewer.exe (exception if window is too small)
- fixed bug with selecting Report in the ReportTree in VS design-mode
- fixed bug when using WebReport with MasterPage
- fixed bug with RTL in HTML export and WebReport
- fixed bug with RTL in RichText(rtf) export
- fixed bug in MS Chart (border width is not scaled properly when printing)
- fixed bug with preview window's "Search" dialog
- fixed bug with Nullable<T> column type
- fixed bug in PDF export when exporting complex fills
- fixed bug with export different frame styles in XML and RichText formats
- fixed bug when editing prepared report
- fixed printing of CellularTextObject
- fixed bug with dialogue form
- fixed bug with Entity Framework in ASP.NET mode
- fixed bug in PageSetup dialog in preview
- fixed bug with rendering side-by-side Matrix objects
- fixed bug in Label wizard
- fixed bug with send email via MAPI

Version 1.1
+ added new UI styles - Office2007Blue, Office2007Silver, Office2007Black, VistaGlass. 
You can choose the designer and the preview form appearance using the EnvironmentSettings
component (its UIStyle property)
+ added CSV export
+ added Text/Dot-matrix export
+ added Designer.exe and Viewer.exe end-user applications
+ added DesignerControl control
+ added the "Format Painter" command to the standard toolbar
+ added two new system variables - "TotalPage#" and "Page#"
+ added design-time support for BindingSource
+ added the property "RTFExport.ImageFormat"
+ added HideIfNoData, NoDataText properties to BarcodeObject
+ added new demo project - MdiDesigner
+ added "Table/Fit Dynamic Table To Page" report
+ added "Dialogs/Cascaded Data Filtering" report
+ added "Interactive Reports/Interactive Matrix With Chart" report
+ added "Dialogs/Labels With Dialog" report
+ added Chinese (simplified) localization
+ added Arabic localization
+ added export of transparent colors and pictures (alpha blending) in PDF format
+ added export of lines, arrows, rectangle shapes, shadows in PDF format
+ added export of page watermarks in PDF format
+ added export of dash-dot patterns in PDF format
+ added export of horizontal and vertical lines, rectangle shapes, shadows in Excel(xml), 
RichText, OpenOffice and HTML formats
* enhanced support of Unicode in PDF export
* MSChart object moved to main FastReport.dll, no need to plug-in it anymore
* FastReport.Dock library now replaced with FastReport.Bars
- fixed bug with designer in Vista 64-bit
- fixed bug with subreport & breaked band
- fixed Matrix object bug (break spanned cell)
- fixed bug with creating an event handler for multiple selected objects
- fixed bug in PDF export with right border of table object
- fixed focus lost when closing the preview window
- fixed error with text justification
- fixed error in data window (when you pass bad DataRelation object)
- fixed bug in VS IDE (designer silently closes after you close the preview)
- fixed bug with clipboard keys in TextObject in-place edit mode
- fixed bug with MS SQL guid-type parameter
- fix in business objects processing
- fixed bug with subreport's PrintOnParent
- fixed issue with printing static & dynamic TableObjects on the same band
- fixed bug with report parameters
- fixed bug with SQL parameters
- fixed duplicate table names issue
- fixed TableRow, TableColumn "Visible" property
- fixed Matrix "Count" function
- fixed bug with TableObject break
- fixed bug with relations and empty data columns
- fixed rotation of text in Excel(xml), RichText, OpenOffice, HTML and PDF export
- fixed bug with subreport and "RepeatOnEveryPage" flag
- fixed bug with inserting items of "generic" data type from "Data" window to a script
- fixed bug with incorrect escaping of "Script" node content in the .frx file
- fixed bug with delays in the designer when selecting a lot of objects
- fixed bug with PictureObject.Tile
- fixed bug with page breaks and margins in XML export
- fixed bug with export of different border lines in Excel(xml), RichText, 
OpenOffice, HTML and PDF export
- fixed bug with underlined and strikeout text in PDF export
- fixed bug with borders of TableObject in PDF export
- fixed bug with document title in PDF export

Version 1.0.163
Initial release