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Fast Reports, Inc., by agreement with the original author, declares this adaptation of Open Qbuilder for the newest versions of Delphi and C++Builder, and any further developments therefrom, to be open source.


  • Minor bug fixes


  • changes in OQB package name (was doqb40.dpk, now oqb40.dpk)
  • changes in engine package name (was doqbfib40.dpk, now oqbfib40.dpk)
  • changes in engine unit name (was oqbebde.pas, now qbebde.pas)


  • added design and run-time packages
  • added ADO, IBX and DBX engines
  • added packages for Delphi 5/6/7 and C++Builder 5/6
  • Install/Uninstall

Note for advanced developers

You can create new TOQBEngine descendants to work with any DataSet-oriented sources (for example - OCI engine etc.). If you create your own OQBEngineXXX - contact us to share it with the Delphi and C++Builder developers community. We will place your engine on our web-site. Please save the style of your engine-component's .dcr-icons and deploy your components as freeware with full source code. OQBuilder allows you to save and load query models. The OQBuilder query format looks like an ".ini file" and is defined (and may be customized by you) in procedure TQBForm.btnSaveClick (model saving) and procedure TQBForm.btnOpenClick (model loading).

The first limited public version of QBuidler for Delphi 1&2 was released in 1996.
Author: © 1996-2003 Sergey Orlik.