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Easter eggs in the designer FastReport.Net

13 ottobre 2019

Author - Dmitriy Fedyashov

With this Easter egg, FastReport developers decided to show us an alternative way to use their generator. Based on the report, they created a game - the well-known Minesweeper. Surprisingly, this is indeed possible thanks to the built-in report script. However, this is not just a report from the dem...

How to use SQL queries when creating an internal report data source in FastReport.Net report designer

02 settembre 2019

Author - Dmitriy Fedyashov

When creating a SQL database connection, you can specify a query to select filtered or combined data. The standard tools of the data source creation wizard also allow you to include parameters in the SQL query. In this case, the designation of the parameter will depend on the type of DBMS to which t...