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Data Processing

  • FASTREPORT®.NET works with data from ADO.NET data sources. It can sort and filter data rows, use master-detail relations and look-up data columns. Everything can be done with a few mouse clicks
  • Direct connect to ADO, MS SQL or xml-based databases. Other connectors available as plug-ins

Direct connect

  • Ability to get data from business objects of IEnumerable type
  • Report can contain data sources (tables, queries, DB connections). Thus you can not only use application-defined datasets but also connect to any database and use tables and queries directly inside the report

Data Sources

  • Using visual query builder you don't have to learn the SQL language to create a complex query involving several data tables
  • FASTREPORT®.NET has a built-in script engine that supports two .NET languages, C# and VB.NET. You can use all of the .NET power in your reports to perform complex data handling, manage the interactions with dialogue forms and much more

Built-in Script Engine

  • Report can contain dialogue forms to prompt for parameters before the report is run. Dialogue controls have a built-in data filtering feature that allows you to view the data from a report data source and filter it in a few mouse clicks, all without writing a line of code

Dialogue Forms