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Feb 17, 2012   New version of FastCube 1.9
new version

We are pleased to release the new version of FastCube 1.9 with support for Embarcadero Rad Studio XE2 (Delphi XE2/C++Builder XE2).


Full change-list: 

+ added support for Embarcadero Rad Studio XE2 (Delphi XE2/C++Builder XE2)
+ added feature loading data from multiple sources with the same structure. Added TfcCube.UseMultiLoad property and event TfcCube.OnGetNextDataset 
+ added Lithuanian resources (thanks to Evaldas)
+ added script properties VisibleCol and VisibleRow in TDimensions and TMeasures
+ added option mdcoUseYearInWeekOfYear in TfcCube.Options. It allows the use of week number in the past year or next year
+ added script properties TDimensions.MembersCountInCol: Integer and Dimensions.MembersCountInRow: Integer
+ added option mdsoCalcOrderByDimOrder in TfcSlice (use Dimensions order during calculation of measures)
+ added event OnAfterAddedSliceFieldToRegion: TfcSliceFieldRegionChanged in TfcSlice
+ added version info in StatForm (open from toolbar)
+ added Hungarian resources (thanks to Berenyi Gabor)
* unit fcAbout renamed to fcAboutDlg since 1stClass has same unit name 
* changed for compatibility with version 2 
- fixed error in GetFirstColIndex, GetFirstRowIndex
- fixed error in TfcCube.Refresh
- fixed error loading multiple datasets
- fixed a few errors with display of national characters in Lazarus
- changed a few sort routines to fix problems with accidental dissapearance of random dimension members, experienced only by Lazarus users
- fixed error with sort by measure totals and focused row/column (measures count > 1)
- fixed print error (having value '[]')
- fixed Recompile ({$R-} {- Range-Checking })
- fixed Recompile for Embarcadero Rad Studio XE (Delphi XE/C++Builder XE)