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Can I add the report generator to the product that my customers are able to modify the reports? Or will every customer have to buy his own license

Only Enterprise version contains this function: "Components for web-applications". Please can you write me what is it?

What is the difference in the Single, Team and Site License?Please explain fully

How much is the subscription renewal FastReport.Net? And what I'm getting from it?

We are old customer user but we don't have got a discount for this. We bought standard price. Why not let us discount was taken.

I have purchased a FastReport product. I should get the licensing information within 48 hours, but didn't get an e-mail. Also in "My downloads" I couldn't see anything about new product.

We would like to order update, unfortunately, in our panel there's no such option.

I would like to buy the update to a "higher" version of FR* team license with discount, but I have only Single license of FR*. How much is it?

Couldn't add FastReport.Net components on Form in Visual Studio

How to calculate the size of the object, whose properties are set to dynamically change (AutoWidth, CanGrow, CanShrink)?

Receive an error message when compile the project:The type or namespace name 'FastReport' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

After installing the full version FastReport.Net reports continue to be generated with the limitations.

How to send a report in PDF format by e-mail using a code?

How to Remove DATA tab for End users?

How to inherit report from code?

How to call the Java Script Function when user Click on Hyper link inside the report in ASP.Net?

How to Remove CODE tab for End users?

How to use FastReport.Net controls in WPF application?

How to programmatically set the values of Format ?

How to create a line with gaps in MSChartObject?

How to create MSChartObject from code?

My subscription has been expired. Where can I download last accessible version of the product?

How to turn off ProgressForm while building or viewing the report?

How return/reset the default Designer settings?

I don't like translation in one of localizations. How can I improve it?

How to create localization for the required language?

How to get query parameter value from code?

How to embed report in HTML format into the message and send by e-mail using a code?

Doesn't work web demos

How to combine several reports in one?

How to load into and call report from application resources?

How to add assembly (dll) to report from code?

How to set all tables and relations from DataSet enabled in report?

What components FastReport.Net Enterprise consist of?

Visual Studio Toolbox doesn't contain FastReport.Net components

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